How will Elon process my first-year application? After you submit an application to college, it can seem as though you wait forever for any news. The anticipation can make a few weeks feel like months, and we realize this can be an anxious time for prospective students.

To give you a better perspective on Elon's admissions process and perhaps alleviate some of that anxiety, we would like to explain what happens to applications once they reach our office.

Step 1

How will Elon process my first-year application?

Applications are sorted by the deadline under which they were submitted. The deadline dates are as follows:

  • November 1: Early Decision
  • November 1: Early Action
  • January 10: Regular Deadline

Please keep in mind that all deadlines are postmark or electronic submission dates. All materials needed to complete your application must be postmarked by the stated deadline.

Step 2

The ongoing process

Step 2 is an ongoing process. We look for mail that may have been sent separately from your application. High school transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, Secondary School Report forms and any other items sent are matched with your file.

On average, we get about six pieces of separate mail per application. Keep in mind that it is very helpful when you include your full name and social security number or date of birth on every piece of mail sent to Elon so that we are able to match it properly to your file.

Step 3

Evaluating your file

If your academic information is available, it will be written up at this stage.

First, we convert all grading scales to a 4.0 scale. Second, Elon takes academic core courses into consideration when evaluating your file. From those courses we recompute an Elon GPA giving weight to honors, AP and IB courses.

The Elon GPA is a tool we use to attempt to evaluate all students equitably. We make a special effort to give you credit for your grades, the degree of difficulty of the classes you take and the competitiveness of your high school.

Step 4

Passing your file to the Admissions Committee

If your file is complete: Your file is passed on to the Admissions Committee. There your essay is evaluated and your academics and activities are compared to Elon's admission standards. All admission decisions will be released according to the following notification dates:

  • Early Decision : December 1
  • Early Action: December 20
  • Regular Deadline: March 20

Decisions: Admission to Elon is selective. Consequently, applications may be accepted, deferred or declined on the dates above. When Early Decision and Early Action applicants are deferred, the admissions committee is requesting new information to be used in reconsidering your application in the Regular Deadline program. While receiving a deferred decision may be disappointing, receipt of new information in the form of mid-year grades or updated standardized test scores provides you the opportunity to be considered for admission in the final pool.

Wait List: Because of the large number of qualified applicants annually, it is not always possible for Elon to admit all talented students. Under the Regular Deadline program, applications may be accepted, declined or offered a place in a wait list pool. Since deferred applications are reconsidered with senior year information in Regular Deadline, some students may move from a deferred status to the wait list.

If your file is incomplete: We will do our best to notify you of materials missing from your application; however, it is not always possible to do so before a deadline has passed. Our advice: If you are applying Early Decision or Early Action, send your materials well before the deadline. In the event that official documentation is not received by the deadline you applied for, your application will roll to the Regular Deadline pool.

Early Decision

If you applied as an Early Decision applicant:

Your file follows the same path as a regular application, except that we give it priority status. If we have all items to complete your application by the November 1 deadline, you will have a decision by December 1.

If you are missing items, you will be sent a letter requesting the additional information.

If at the November 5 deadline your application remains incomplete, you will no longer be considered for Early Decision. Your file will be rolled into the Regular Deadline pool, and your decision will be available March 20.