2018 Kickboxers

Meet the 2018 Kickboxers

This Spring, Elon students are researching, prototyping, building, and revising their Elon Kickbox project. Below is a short summary of each idea and a link to their project website so you can follow their progress.    

Adam BuckleyEscape Room in a Box

Lead Investigator: Adam Buckley
Major: Masters of Education
Faculty Sponsor: Ren Bryan, Education & Computing Sciences

Adam Buckley is exploring a portable escape room that he can use in his elementary school classroom. The box is surrounded by puzzles that students will solve to get hands-on practice with the curriculum. Adam’s goal is to create an innovative teaching tool that he can use in his classroom.

Learn more about Escape Room in a Box on the project webpage. 

Maddie ReynoldsVidya Charm

Lead Investigator: Maddie Reynolds
Major: Communications
Faculty Sponsor: Karl Sienerth, Chemistry

Maddie Reynolds is exploring a way to provide a discrete and convenient method to detect date-rape drugs in drinks using a jewelry charm. 

Maddie’s project webpage is private. 

Cameron TaylorConnected Speakers

Lead Investigator: Cameron Taylor
Major: Journalism, Sports Management, and Political Science
Faculty Sponsor: Jerry Waller, Belk Library

Cameron Taylor hopes to bring affordability to surround sound systems by creating a set of speakers that can operate independently, or in conjunction with one other. Cameron plans on using Raspberry Pi’s to establish connections, and 3D printing to build the speaker housings.

Jessica ThibaultPharmacology Game

Lead Investigator: Jessica Thibault
Major: Physician Assistant Studies
Faculty Sponsor: Melissa Murfin, Physician Assistant Studies

Jessica Thibault is exploring a board-game that focuses on pharmacology concepts. The goal of this game is to engage students and help them learn the uses and effects of drugs.

Austin Burnett and teamKeychain EpiPen with Benadryl Storage

Lead Investigator: Austin Burnett
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Faculty Sponsor: Richard Blackmon, Engineering

Austin Burnett and his team are exploring a keychain-sized EpiPen with a compartment for Benadryl for non-life-threatening reactions. An EpiPen is often cumbersome to carry everywhere, so by creating a smaller version, Adam hopes to introduce portability to this common medicine.

Learn more about Keychain EpiPen on the project webpage. 

Jocelyn PietroJewelry

Lead Investigator: Jocelyn Pietro
Major: Public Health
Faculty Sponsor: Terry Tomasek, Education

Jocelyn Pietro hopes to improve her existing custom jewelry business, Impressions, which donates a percentage of its proceeds to philanthropic organizations. Jocelyn is hoping to use equipment in the Maker Hub to make her jewelry more precise. 

Learn more about Jewelry on the project webpage. 

Jack Dudich


Lead Investigator: Jack Dudich
Major: Biology and German
Faculty Sponsor: Alfred Simkin, Biology

Jack Dudich plans on building a miniature electric bike from recycled and commonly found materials. His goal is to create a sustainable vehicle that is both affordable and practical.

Learn more about Mini-Bike on the project webpage.  

Anitha BhuvaneswaranDiversity Cards

Lead Investigator: Anitha Bhuvaneswaran
Major: Physician Assistant Studies
Faculty Sponsor: Melissa Murfin, Physician Assistant Studies

Anitha Bhuvaneswaran is setting out to create cards with scenarios written on them that describe life experiences such as, “Mother passes away at age 14", or "Receives a full ride to college." The goal of her project is to unite the Elon community by uncovering the diversity of each individual and their experiences.

Joshua RobbinsPersonal Arcade

Lead Investigator: Joshua Robbins
Major: Doctor of Physical Therapy
Faculty Sponsor: Daryl Lawson, Physical Therapy

Pursuing his goal of building a home gaming system, graduate student Joshua Robbins sets out to create a standalone arcade. Joshua hopes to combine his love for gaming and woodworking to build a fun and unique arcade.

Learn more about the Personal Arcade on the project webpage. 

Nicholas Richu and teamBackStory

Lead Investigator: Nicholas Richu
Major: Computer Science
Faculty Sponsor: Scott Spurlock, Computer Science

Nicholas Raichu and Stacy Keister are exploring a fun, easy app that helps users navigate museums and learn more about the artwork and installations. The goal of this app is to stimulate people's interest in museums, culture and social issues.

Christian ValesaresBetter Bag

Lead Investigator: Christian Valesares
Major: Entrepreneurship
Faculty Sponsor: Sean McMahon, Entrepreneurship

Christian Valesares is exploring a waterproof and flame retardant bag that also serves as a campfire footprint and portable heater. His goal is to create an inexpensive accessory that takes the hassle out of cold weather camping.