The Container Space is a design studio and prototyping shop located at Elon’s Environmental Center at Loy Farm. The structure was built of four repurposed intermodal shipping containers by Environmental Studies students at Elon, under the direction of Dr. Robert Charest. It is the home of ENS’ concentration in Responsible Design and the Building Arts, and is now available, on a limited basis, to Hub users.



Due to the potentially dangerous equipment in the Container Space, patrons must follow these steps before using the space.

  1. Schedule an orientation – Attending an orientation is required before using the space. Check our calendar for an upcoming orientation or email to schedule a Container Space orientation.

  2. Schedule a Consultation – After the orientation, talk to the orientation leader about your project and how to proceed with access to the space. 
  3. Use the Space – The space is open on a limited basis, students may only work in the shop with a supervisor present so you’ll need to work with their availability.

To schedule an orientation, or for more information about orientation dates, please contact


The Container Space provides access to every tool needed for basic wood-working:

Drill Press
15 inch Planer
8 inch Joiner
17 inch Band Saw
12 inch Drum Sander
Boring Machine
Table Saw
10 inch Chop Saw
10 inch Radial Arm Saw
Panel Saw
12 inch Disk Sander
Oscillating Spindle sander
Plate Joiner
Hand Planer
Circular Saws
General Wood-shop Equipment


Materials are not provided so you’ll need to bring your own. No pressure treated lumber or ferrous materials are allowed.

Questions? Email