Elon University Colors

Maroon and Gold were adopted as the Elon colors in about 1910 and various shades of those colors have been used consistently throughout the school’s history. Today, the core maroon color is Pantone 188 and the Gold is Pantone 872 (metallic ink) or Pantone 7503 (non-metallic).

Accurate reproduction of the Elon colors depends on the medium and/or software programs being used. It is essential to choose the right file type and color systems for print publications, digital screen displays or other applications.

For Digital/Screen Display

Elon Maroon

Hex: #73000a
RGB: 115, 0, 10

Elon Gold

Hex: #b59a57
RGB: 181, 154, 87

For Print

Elon Maroon

Spot Color: Pantone 188
Process/CMYK: 16, 100, 65, 58

Elon Gold

Spot Color: Pantone 872 (Metallic)
Non-metallic: Pantone 7503C or 7503U
Process/CMYK: 24, 31, 74, 10