Many religious studies majors enroll in graduate school upon graduation from Elon. Below, you can find a list of institutions where majors have been accepted in recent years. There are many other options available, of course; you are encouraged to look at a wide range of schools to find the right one for you.

Graduate Programs in Religion/Religious Studies

For those students interested in continuing in the academic study of religion there are a number of schools to consider.  The following schools offer Master of Arts and/ or Doctoral (Ph.D.) programs.  Some of the latter require a masters degree before application, while some allow you to work on both degrees together.

Divinity/ Theology School

Divinity schools, seminaries and theology schools are institutions typically associated with a particular religious domination or branch of a religious tradition and historically have been designed for training individuals to fill religious professions by offering Masters of Divinity or equivalent degrees. Some of these schools also are committed to preparing students for further academic work in the area of religious studies, offering Masters of Theological Studies of Master of Arts programs. Such schools include:

Law School

The critical thinking skills and commitments developed by many religious studies majors sometimes lead them into the field of Law.

Social Work

Some students have used the skills they’ve developed in religious studies to go into the field of social work.

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