Religious Studies A.B.

The study of religion invites students to think critically and deeply about how and why religion has been one of the most basic and universal aspects of human existence. Religious Studies students will recognize and comprehend the complexity and plurality of various world religions while also developing the critical and analytical skills necessary for assessing the functions and effects of religion in the world, becoming informed and effective global citizens.

The study of religion encompasses both developing an understanding of the belief systems of various world traditions as well as examining the ways in which religious traditions and practices are embedded within cultural, political, social and economic systems.

Religious Studies majors learn how to examine and engage religious phenomena, including issues of ethical and social responsibility, from a perspective of critical inquiry. This includes complicating and nuancing categories within the study of religion itself. Having developed strong research, analytic and writing skills, our majors are well-positioned to pursue careers in a wide variety of settings.

Religious Studies Degree Requirements & Courses

Religious Studies Major Checklist

Please note that up to 8 hours of credits that are not in REL courses (from Undergraduate Research, Study Away, or other transfer credits) can be approved to count towards the major.



Religious Studies Minor

Religious Studies Minor Requirements & Courses

Interreligious Studies Minor

The Interreligious Studies minor is a multi-disciplinary minor located within the Religious Studies department that focuses on historical and contemporary encounters between and interactions among distinct religious communities and/or traditions. It provides students the background to analyze the character of interreligious encounter, to think critically about interfaith dialogue, and to function effectively in multi-religious and multi-cultural contexts. Students majoring or minoring in Religious Studies are not eligible to this minor.

Interreligious Studies Minor Requirements & Courses