The Interreligious Studies minor is a multi-disciplinary minor located within the Religious Studies department. This course of study focuses on historical and contemporary encounters between and interactions among distinct religious communities and/or traditions. It provides students the background to analyze the character of inter-religious encounter, to think critically about interfaith dialogue, and to function effectively in multi-religious and multi-cultural contexts.

Students who choose to minor in inter-religious studies can expect to:

  • Analyze the category of religion and the field of inter-religious studies, including the histories and theoretical models that inform them
  • Recognize and appreciate the contours of religious difference both within and between particular traditions
  • Interact with communities and hear from practitioners, gaining first hand-experience of worship, ritual practice, gender dynamics, use of sacred texts, political dynamics and/or interreligious encounters
  • Recognize and explain the ways in which religious traditions and interreligious encounters are embedded within cultural, political and economic systems
  • Produce nuanced reflections on ways that religious traditions and religious communities have interacted with other religious traditions and communities
  • Critique existing models for understanding and facilitating inter-religious encounters and offer constructive suggestions for improving these models

Students majoring or minoring in Religious Studies are not eligible for this minor.

Course Catalog: Interreligious Studies Minor Requirements & Courses