Mission Statement

Our mission is to create awareness around mindfulness in the six dimensions of wellness, and to empower students to make choices that will help them be the best versions of themselves. Elon students gave their input and decided on the six dimensions to create an Elon-specific wellness model. This site will provide you with articles, events and resources for each dimension of wellness that are purposeful in their focus on mindfulness.


What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a way of being in the present moment with both awareness and acceptance. All too often, we are tossed about by busy anxious thoughts, rehearsing the past, worried about the future, or simply distracted by all we have to do, and we forget to be in the moment in mind and body together.

The Benefits of Mindfulness
A growing body of research demonstrates the benefits of Mindful practices for physical health and personal well-being, as well as learning and cognition. Mindfulness is especially helpful for managing stress and anxiety and for increasing compassion for self and others. To learn more, check out our list of Mindfulness Resources.

Six Dimensions

Elon supports the holistic model that encompasses 6 dimensions of wellness. Wellness is multi-dimensional and a journey. There is no “end”, and not just “one way” to improve wellness. The six dimensions are: community, emotional, financial, physical, purpose, and social.


Elon adapted this public health framework to inspire mental wellness within a community through positive behaviors and habits.

The Act-Belong-Commit campaign is evidence-based, incorporating extensive research that engaging in activities within each of these behavioral domains provides positive mental health benefits, builds resilience, and enhances well-being (Donovan & Anwar-McHenry, 2014).