Students with disabilities who are seeking accommodations at Elon University must register with the Disabilities Resources Office through our Accommodate Portal.


In order to receive accommodations, you must provide documentation demonstrating that you have an impairment or condition that substantially limits functioning in one or more major life activities.

In general, documentation must meet the following general criteria:

  • Testing must be comprehensive in nature; if standardized testing is used in the diagnostic process, scores must be reported.
  • Documentation must reflect the current impact that the disability has on the individual’s functioning.
  • Documentation must include a statement of diagnosis and a rationale for that diagnosis.
  • Documentation should include a narrative summary of the history and background of the disability.
  • Documentation should include statement of strengths and weaknesses that will impact the individual’s ability to meet the demands of the university environment, as well as a statement of the functional impact of the disability on learning or other major life activities.
  • Documentation must also be current. This will mean different things depending on the type of disability in question.
    • Learning disabilities, AD/HD: within four years of first enrollment at Elon.
    • Mental health disabilities: within six months of first enrollment at Elon.
    • Physical disabilities: depends upon the nature of the disability; somewhere between these two standards.
  • Documentation must come from an appropriate professional and may not be provided by anyone related to the individual being evaluated.

Recommended Guidelines for Specific Disabilities: