Notetaking Services for Students

Fall 2022 will be an exciting time for the Disabilities Resources office. We will be piloting the well-known notetaking service, GLEAN. We will also continue utilizing anonymous student volunteers for classes where GLEAN is not being used.

If you are in the pilot:

You will be notified and you will need to complete the Recording Agreement Form for the class(es) where Glean is being piloted.

If you are not in the pilot:

If you have classes that are not a part of the pilot group or if none of your classes are a part of the pilot, you will need to complete the Notetaker Request Form and we will work directly with your professors. If you are receiving notes through an anonymous peer notetaker, you will utilize the Notetaker Network in your Accommodate portal to access your notes. If you do not receive notes regularly, or if you find that the notes that are uploaded are not comprehensive, please notify the Disabilities Resources office.

Glean Notetaking Services

Learn about GLEAN in 1 Minute!

Sign-up for a GLEAN Student Classroom event! These events will help you gain a better understanding of how to successfully utilize Glean in the classroom.

Note-taking is an essential component to many courses here at Elon. Ensuring students have the proper resources in place is a key factor to supporting their academic journey. Students who are registered with Disabilities Resources and approved for note-taking accommodations will have access to the on-line software, Glean. Glean is designed to revolutionize the way students take notes. Once downloaded, it can be accessed with or without internet.

All About Glean:

Glean is going to transform the classroom experience and how students once took notes. Glean will be a positive support in the classroom, and can benefit students in every course from start to finish. This is a great way for students to prioritize their academics and take responsibility for their accommodations by learning as much as they can through trainings, The Glean Skills Portal, and their own personal engagement.

Benefits of Glean:

  • Completely digital. Glean captures it all and will assist students in improving their note-taking skills.
  • Students will be able to take and store notes on their computer, tablet, or phone (with an assigned log-in, it is transferrable among all devices). Notes are even accessible offline.
  • Students can sort and organize notes effectively, keeping everything in one place.
  • Power points and other classroom resources can be imported.
  • The Glean app will transcribe the lectures for students >> and it only takes five minutes for every hour of recording!

Glean is available to all students approved for note-taking accommodations. In order to access, students will need to:

  1. Complete the Recording Agreement Form. Students WILL NOT receive access to Glean and be able to benefit from this service unless they have completed the recording agreement.
  2. If students intend to use Glean in the classroom, they must inform each of their professors of their intent to access this accommodation and use Glean.