Notetaking Assistance with Glean


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How Does Glean Work?

Glean records the audio of your class using your laptop or compatible smart device, allows you the independence to add notes or flags while in class listening to lecture, and generates a transcript of the lecture after class ends. If instructors provide notes or slides, you can also import those materials with the lecture recording in Glean either before or after class.

Why Glean?

  • Focus more on listening to the lecture and worry less about the process of taking notes. Glean records for you and allows you to add flags with just a click to your recording during or after class, such as an exclamation point to indicate an important point, a thinking emoji to indicate that you are confused or need to review a topic, or a checkbox to indicate that the section contains a task that you need to complete.
  • After class, you can revisit the recording and transcript, look back at the flags you added, and reduce the information into a complete set of notes on your own time. You can also take advantage of Glean’s built-in study tools, such as the Pomodoro timer and flashcards.

Benefits of Glean Versus a Peer Notetaker

  • Student directs their own notetaking, does not have to worry that a peer notetaker may be missing information, and controls the quality and depth of their notes.
  • Student does not have to wait for the peer notetaker to give them the notes.
  • With more independence in recording and refining their own notes, the student can learn and hone essential notetaking skills that may help in future classes and a career after graduating.

Glean Resources

To learn more about Glean, check out the resources below:

Have More Questions?

Disabilities Resources will be holding Zoom demonstration and Q&A sessions about Glean for the first several weeks of classes in Fall 2023. Every Thursday between August 24 and October 5, 2023, we will offer several time slots for demos and/or Q&A. You must register using the links below (you can feel free to register for one or more sessions). After that, we are still available for one-on-one appointments as requested.

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