Instructors have discretion to determine how or whether to modify class attendance policy based on their assessment of the course’s core requirements.  Each request should be considered on a case-by-case basis, and instructors must work with both the student and  Disabilities Resources, as applicable, to complete a Flexibility with Attendance Plan form.  This involves a comprehensive examination of the essential course requirements, academic standards, and educational experiences or outcomes to determine the impact of this accommodation.  Generally, one or two excused absences, in addition to those permitted in the syllabus, will not constitute a fundamental alteration to a course.

If, based on this analysis, the instructor determines that a modification in attendance may alter an essential course requirement, academic standard or educational experience or outcome, the instructor must consult with us to determine what course specific adjustments may be applicable.

If a student accrues excessive absences, the instructor should consider submitting a referral through Student Care and Outreach so the student may explore options such as reduced course load, course withdrawal, or a Medical Leave of Absence.