Graduate Student Resources

Graduate Student Accommodation Request Process

Disabilities Resources (DR) works with all Elon graduate students with disabilities and diagnosed conditions to identify reasonable accommodations that allow equal and equitable access to college programs and services.  The accommodations process is collaborative. The main contact for graduate school accommodations and accessibility questions/concerns is the Director of Disabilities Resources. Follow the steps below to request academic accommodations:

Step 1: Register with Our Office and Complete the Intake Form

For students not yet registered for accommodations with our office please create an account on our Accommodate Portal by completing the intake form and submitting documentation. Please use your Elon ID and Elon email when setting up your account. Guidelines for documentation can be found on our Disabilities Resources webpage. Please upload documentation to your intake form and/or send documentation as a PDF or Word attachment to

A Note on Documentation: Even if you are concerned about not having the “correct” documentation, we still encourage you to complete the intake form. We can still have a meeting with you to discuss your request, and if we find that we still need documentation after the meeting, we can talk about it at that time.

**If you are already registered with Disabilities Resources and have existing accommodations but need to request additional ones, please login to your Accommodate account and submit a supplemental request.

Step 2: Communication from Disabilities Resources Staff

After you submit, you will receive an automated message from Accommodate thanking you for setting up an account. If there is any additional information needed, Disabilities Resources staff will communicate with you. We will also reach out to set up an interactive meeting with the student. Please allow 10 to 15 business days for this process, depending on the time of year.

Step 3:  Documentation Review

Your intake form and any documentation submitted is reviewed. The purpose of the review is to:

  • establish a disability
  • understand how the disability may impact the student
  • make informed decisions about accommodations
  • Step 4:  Meet with a Disabilities Resources Staff Member (if needed)

If necessary, following the documentation review, a staff member will email you with a prompt to set up an appointment to discuss accommodations. At the appointment, you will discuss:

  • your experiences with your disability or diagnosed condition
  • how your diagnosed disability or condition impacts your academics, including but not limited to: classes, labs, practicals, clinicals, and fieldwork
  • potential accommodations you might find helpful to mitigate educational barriers

Disabilities Resources will ask you some questions regarding your experiences to better understand and support your request for accommodations.

Step 5: Receive Official Accommodation Letter

  • Your official accommodation letter will be sent through Accommodate to your Elon email address

Step 6:  Faculty Notification and Conversation

  • You are responsible for sending your official accommodation letter to instructor(s) after you receive it
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with instructor(s) to discuss implementation of accommodations
  • If you need any support discussing accommodations with your instructor(s), please contact Disabilities Resources
  • Law students: Official letters are shared with Tammy Horn, Director of Academic & Administrative Support Services at Elon’s School of Law instead of faculty; Tammy is the main contact for implementation of accommodations at the School of Law