Individuals with disabilities are protected from discrimination and are guaranteed access to all public accommodations by federal and state law. It is the joint responsibility of the Disabilities Resources Office and faculty/staff to ensure that access to all buildings, curricula, and programs is readily available to all students with disabilities.

It is important for faculty and staff members to understand that all individuals registered with Disabilities Resources have presented documentation from an appropriate professional that establishes the presence of one or more disabling conditions that create a functional impact on one or more major life activities.  These may include, but are not limited to activities such as learning, walking, speaking, hearing, seeing, etc. These students have also disclosed their disabilities to the Disabilities Resources Office and have requested the accommodations that they require in order to fully access the buildings, curricula, and programs of the University. In order for accommodations to be approved, they must be necessary for access, as well as appropriate in meeting the individualized needs of each student.

Additional information for faculty on the subject of disabilities: