Each spring, the Office of the Provost sponsors a Grant Writing Seminar series. The series covers questions such as: How do I get started? How do I locate funding sources? What are the elements of a grant proposal? How do I construct a budget? How do I handle partnerships or subcontracts? What is the IRB? Where do I get equipment specs, institutional data, technical and other assistance? Any question you have is welcomed and encouraged.

Bonnie Bruno, Director of Sponsored Programs, and Jenny Chapman, Grant Coordinator, lead the series.

Information for this year’s sessions:

Workshops are held on Fridays in the spring from 2-4:30 and cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Grant Process and Finding Sources of Funding
  • Proposal Writing: Elements of a Proposal
  • Budgets, Indirect Costs, Subcontracts, and Matching Funds
  • Research Compliance, IRB, IP, etc.

An email will be sent prior to the workshops with registration information.