Leadership Constructs

The MSL uses a revised version of the Socially Responsible Leadership Scale to measure six dimensions of leadership capacity

Pretest Construct
Leadership Efficacy x x
Leadership Capacity x x
Consciousness of Self x
Congruence x
Commitment x
Collaboration x
Controversy with Civility x
Citizenship x

Other Constructs

Pretest Construct
Sense of Belonging Climate x
Overall Non-Discriminatory Climate x
Indirect Non-Discriminatory Climate x
Direct Non-Discriminatory Climate x
Cognitive Skills x x
Hope x
Hope: Pathways x
Hope: Agency x
Racial Esteem x
Private Collective Racial Esteem x
Public Collective Racial Esteem x
Racial Identity Salience x
Resiliency x x
Social Perspective Taking x x
Social Change Behaviors x x
Socio-Cultural Discussions x
Search for Meaning x x