Participation History and Survey Link

As a longitudinal study, IDEALS surveys were administered to the same cohort of students three times:

  • September of their first year (Fall 2015)
  • September of their second year (Fall 2016)
  • March of their fourth year (Spring 2019)

Next Administration: Not Scheduled

The survey instrument is not publicly available. Contact Kim Fath for to request access to individual items and/or results.

Factor Scales and Indices

Prior to College Start of Second  Year End of Fourth Year
Self-Authored Worldview Commitment x x x
Appreciative Knowledge of Different Worldviews x x x
Appreciate Attitudes (Multiple Factors) x x x
Overall Pluralism Orientation x x x
Global Citizenship x x x
Goodwill toward Others of Different Worldviews x x x
Appreciation of Interreligious Commonalities and Differences x x x
Commitment to Interfaith Leadership and Service x x x
Structural Worldview Diversity x x
Divisiveness on Campus x x
Space for Support and Spiritual Expression x x
Welcoming Campus x x
Insensitivity on Campus x x
Coercion on Campus x x
Provocative Encounters with Worldview Diversity x x
Negative Interworldview Engagement x x
General Religious/Spiritual Engagement x x
Informal Interfaith Engagement x x
Formal Interfaith Engagement x x
Other Civic and Diversity Engagement x
Engagement in High-Impact Practices x
Curricular Religious and Spiritual Engagement x x