Students who will be delayed in their transition to Elon based on their need to quarantine can use the form below to share their needs with Student Care and Outreach.

Once submitted, Student Care and Outreach will work in the background to manage a student’s needs by communicating with a student’s faculty, academic advisor, orientation leader, and their community director. In addition, the student can expect that a staff member will contact them within one or two business days to ensure their questions and any additional issues are resolved prior to their return.

If you have additional questions that go beyond this form, please email We will do our best to respond to email requests as quickly as possible while managing the needs of other students.

Built-In Support for Delayed Arrivals:

Once a form is submitted, we work closely to ensure each students is able to transition back to Elon as smoothly as possible.  Below is summary of the ways that our partners in New Student Programs, Academic Advising, Residence Life and the Dean of Students are prepared to assist students who will be delayed.

Individualized Outreach: 

Each student who shares they will be delayed will get a phone call from a staff member at Elon.  This staff member will discuss the student’s return strategy and assist in managing any difficulties the student might encounter.

Participation in Orientation
New Student Program is excited to welcome our newest students to Elon, especially those who are participating in Orientation activities at a distance. New students in quarantine will be given access to most orientation meetings and activity recordings so they can engage in a self-paced transition to the Elon community. Convocation and other major events will be both live-streamed  and recorded. Orientation Leaders will reach out to new students participating at a distance to ensure they are connected and to provide a resource for any questions they might have about their new career at Elon.

Transition to On-Campus Housing
Residence Life is committed to making student’s on-campus arrival as smooth as possible, even if they are delayed based on their need to quarantine. Housing assignments will be held for students and communication about the delayed arrival will be given to roommates (if applicable) and appropriate staff. Students will also be invited to participate in virtual community building events when possible. Residence Life will communicate to students and their families about how and when to check into their rooms upon their arrival.

Participation in Classes
Elon’s faculty have been diligently preparing their classes to allow for temporary remote learning for students who may be directed to quarantine at any point during the semester. In most cases, students in quarantine can begin their classes remotely and transition to in-class participation when they arrive on campus.  To assist in communicating with faculty,  the Assistant Dean of Students will send a notification to a student’s faculty sharing that the student will be working remotely for a period of time (including dates) and encouraging proactive, open communication between the student and the faculty member. The Assistant Dean of Students is also available to provide guidance, resources and options if symptoms prevent a student from participating in remote learning.