As an Elon student, there are many free resources available to you. Browse the sections below to learn more about setting up your email accounts, printing on campus, accessing course information, and more!

Still have questions? Contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200 for help any day of the week.

Accounts and Email

Elon Account

All Elon students are provided with an Elon account (username and password) that grants access to a variety of resources including email, Moodle, and campus computers.



Students may use OnTrack to register for courses and view schedules, grades, and transcripts. Please remember that your OnTrack password may be different than your Elon username and password.

Access OnTrack.


Note: Usernames and passwords for accounts are distributed to students at different times depending on their starting term. If you begin classes in the fall and have already paid your enrollment deposit, you will receive your username and password in mid-April. If you begin classes during winter, spring, or summer terms, you will receive your username and password within two weeks of paying your enrollment deposit. Once you have received your username and password, please enroll in the Elon University Self-Service Password Maintenance Site at to have immediate, online access to change your password. If you have a problem with your username or password, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.


Email (via Gmail)

Elon has a partnership with Google to provide all students access to the Google Suite (G-Suite) for Education. G-Suite provides students with a plethora of communication/collaboration features including Google Drive (create/share documents), Google Calendar, Google Talk (instant messaging), and Gmail, Elon’s official email service for students.

Access the G-Suite:



Access tuition account status, e-bills, and recent payments/credits.

Access E-Bill.


Connecting to the Internet

Mobile devices and laptops: Use elonu-secure

To connect mobile devices and laptops to Elon’s wireless internet, connect to the elonu-secure network and log in with your Elon username and password.

Smart devices: Use elonu-connect

To connect smart TVs, Rokus, gaming consoles, or wireless printers, first register the device on Elon’s MyDevices Portal and follow these step-by-step instructions. Once registered, you may connect your device to the elonu-connect network to access the internet.

Please note that personal wireless routers are prohibited on campus because they interfere with the campus network and result in poor connectivity.

Setting Up Your Tv


Television service for students living in Elon’s residence halls is provided via Philo. Philo delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to your laptops, tablets, smartphones and TV sets anywhere on the campus network.

Learn more about Philo (Connecting, Channel Lineup, etc…)


Students living in on-campus residence halls (not properties leased by the University) have access to HBO GO with their Philo account. Additionally, HBO GO is accessible off-campus via computers or smart devices as long as you are registered as living on-campus. Please note: HBO GO access on set-top boxes (Rokus, Playstations, etc.) is only available on-campus.

Learn more about HBO GO.


Computer Purchasing

New students can bring either a Mac or PC to campus, whichever they feel most comfortable with. Upon purchasing a computer, remember to ask about the possibility of educational discounts.

Telephones and Mobile Devices

The telephone jacks in residence hall rooms are not active. Please use the telephones in residence hall common areas to place local and/or emergency calls. Common area telephone lines are unable to receive phone calls.

Dialing from on-campus and off-campus.

Media Services

All students, staff, and faculty at Elon are able to check out media equipment for free from the Media Services desk located in Belk Library 101. For more information on available equipment, policies, and more, check out the Media Services website.

Learn more about Media Services.

Getting Help

Technology Service Desk

The Technology Service Desk is the single point of contact for questions and problems relating to technology. The Technology Service Desk can answer questions about software, reset your password, and more. Help is just a phone call away.  [(336) 278-5200]

Learn more about the Technology Service Desk.

Technology Knowledge Base

The Technology Knowledge Base is your source for how-to information and support documentation specific to Elon.

Access the Technology Knowledge Base.

Teaching & Learning Technology Consultants

The Teaching & Learning Technology Consultants provides staff, faculty, and students with walk-in technology support in Belk Library. Elite students staff the Belk Library Service Desk and answer a variety of technology questions. Elite students are also available in the TLT office and can provide consultations on a variety of technology topics including Moodle, WordPress, and WebEx.

Learn more about the Teaching & Learning Technology Consultants.

Learning Resources

Course Access (via Moodle)

You will use Moodle to access course information, class announcements, course materials, syllabi, assignments, and more. Get started with Moodle via the link below.

Access Moodle.

Learning On Demand

Learning On Demand is a curated repository of educational videos produced by Elon faculty, staff, and students. Videos are open to the public and include speakers, presentations, campus events, and academic resources.

Access Learning On Demand.


Elon has a partnership with to provide free on-demand software training to all campus users. Lynda training offers over 1,000 video tutorials on leading software topics like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, audio and video editing applications, and many more. These high-quality tutorials are taught by industry experts and are available 24/7 for convenient, self-paced learning.

Learn more about Lynda.

Maker Hub

Open to all students, staff and faculty, the Maker Hub is an open workshop complete with 3D printers, sewing equipment, CNC machine, laser engraver, and more. Check out the original Maker Hub located in Harper Hall within the Colonnades, and the second location in the Elon Town Center above Pandora’s Pies.

Learn more about the Maker Hub.


3 Ways to Print

  1. From Your Personal Computer

    1. Install the new Canon print drivers
    2. When printing a document from your computer using File > Print, choose Student Canon (on PCs) or UF_ElonStudent_MAC (on Macs)
    3. You’ll be prompted to enter your username
      (skip down to “Printing from the Print Stations” for the next steps)
  2. From Computer Labs (including Belk Library computers)

    1. When printing from a computer lab printer (by going to File > Print), choose StudentCanon_BW or StudentCanon_Color (on Macs).
    2. Skip down to “Printing from the Print Stations” for the next steps
  3. Via Mobile Print (

    Compose a message to and attach your file. No subject line or email message is needed.

Printing from the Print Stations

Once you’ve sent your file to the printer, head to one of the student printers and tap your Phoenix Card. Choose “Secure Print” and you should see all of your print jobs in the list. To print, simply select the job and print.

Printer Setting Defaults

By default, all print jobs print two-sided (also known as duplex) and print as black/white. If you’d like to access other print options (like one-sided printing, known as simplex, or printing in color), choose “Options” to access other print settings.

Learn More

Explore student printing on the knowledge base.

Having trouble or have more questions? Contact the Technology Service Desk.

These resources alleviate any need for personal printers. However, if you decide to bring a personal wireless printer to campus, please see our documentation regarding connecting wireless devices to the elonu-connect network. We recommend that you turn wireless printers off when not in use to avoid the possibility of others printing to your device.

Safety & Security

E-Alert Emergency Text Messaging

Sign up to receive text messages about campus emergencies, class cancellations, and vital weather information through e-Alert. Visit for more information.


Elon offers you free premium access to LastPass, a password management tool that takes all the effort out of managing your passwords. LastPass offers password generation tools and automatic form filling, as well as automatic login/password completion. Once LastPass is up and running, you’ll never have to worry about remembering passwords again!

Learn more about LastPass.

LIVESAFE app (for Android and iOS)

LiveSafe gives users two-way communication direct to Campus Safety & Police. With a built-in SafeWalk feature, students can invite others to “virtually escort” them by monitoring their location on a map. Additionally, this app broadcasts important security notifications sent by the Elon University Police Department.

Phoenix Card

The Phoenix Card is the official Elon ID card for faculty, staff, and students. Use this card to gain access to buildings (after hours), athletic and cultural events, the gym, and to check out books/media/equipment from the library. Using Blackboard, you can place Phoenix Cash on your card; Phoenix cash is accepted at eating establishments across campus and at area restaurants. The Phoenix Card office is located in McCoy Commons 201.

Learn more about the Phoenix Card.


Microsoft Office

New Elon students may download a complimentary license of Microsoft Office and Microsoft ForeFront EndPoint Protection (anti-virus/anti-spyware) by using their student email account.

Learn more about getting Microsoft Office for free.

Adobe Creative Cloud

All Elon students may access the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, and AfterEffects at a discounted rate by signing up with their student email address.

Learn more about purchasing Adobe Creative Cloud.

On-Demand Software (via VirtualApps)

Before you buy software, be sure to check out software available via VirtualApps. Currently available software on VirtualApps includes IBM SPSS Statistics, Kinovea, SAS, and Wolfram Mathematica. This software is available 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Learn more about VirtualApps.

More Available Software and Software Support

In addition to the software listed above, Elon provides more software available for students to download or purchase. For a list of additional software and software support resources, check out the Computer Software page.