Advisory Groups & Committees

IT relies on a number of advisory groups and committees to provide insight and guidance for technology decision-making.

Academic Technology Committee

The Academic Technology Committee makes recommendations regarding technologies for academic use and serves as a liaison between the faculty and administration. This committee also awards grants to faculty members to facilitate the use and evaluation of new software, hardware, apps, and one-time subscriptions or licenses for instruction or other teaching activities.

Lead: Ben Hannam

Learn more about the Academic Technology Committee

Data Governance Advisory Group

The Data Governance Advisory Group assesses best practices and issues relating to data classification, data sharing, data safeguarding, and proper use.

Lead: Laura Kappert

Moodle Advisory Group

The Moodle Advisory Group guides IT through ways to continuously improve and market Moodle, Elon’s learning management system (LMS). The goals of the Moodle Advisory Group are:

  • Communicate tips and best practices for using Moodle with users at Elon
  • Provide guidance with the evolution of Moodle
  • Assess how Moodle supports (or doesn’t support) teaching and learning at Elon
  • Evaluate Moodle plug-ins and provide feedback on their effectiveness

Lead: Dhvani Toprani

Work and User Groups

Administrative Computing User Group (ADCOMUG)

ADCOMUG is comprised of IT staff and key Ellucian Colleague super users across various departments who make requests and recommendations for Colleague changes, particularly related to shared files that would impact multiple departments. This group also serves to improve communications of new changes, policies, and procedures.

Learning Spaces Work Group

The Learning Spaces Work Group evaluates learning spaces holistically, taking into account technology, construction, scheduling, flexibility of space, etc. This group provides recommendations to administration on existing and future learning spaces.

Leads: Joe Davis and Kelly Reimer

Moodle User Group (MUG)

The Moodle User Group (MUG) is open to all faculty and seeks to build a sense of community among Moodle users. The goals of the MUG are to:

  • Create a collaborative space where instructors can share best practices, guidelines, and effective strategies.
  • Provide a platform for problem-solving discussions and quick access to Elon-specific documentation to make troubleshooting and self-guidance more user-friendly.
  • Inspire innovation through new practices for supporting emerging teaching and learning needs.

To join the MUG, participants will need to log in to their Elon Microsoft Teams account and enter the code “cwlv5zm”. For assistance joining the Team, follow the steps in this demonstration video: How to join a Team in Microsoft Teams

Lead: Dhvani Toprani

Technology Champions

The purpose of the Champions is to improve the utilization of technology, increase skills across campus and enhance communication between Information Technology (IT) and faculty/staff. An Elon Technology Champion is a liaison between IT, their department/area, and the Elon community.

Learn more about the Technology Champions.

Lead: Kendra NantonWalt Garrison

Video User Group

The Video User Group brings together producers and users of video to discuss current trends and address common problems. This group is open to anyone interested in video.

Lead: Video Producer in TLT