In the fall of 2017, Elon University partnered with the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) to conduct a survey on students’ use and perceptions of technology at Elon. The survey, sent to sophomore and junior students, had a 12.6 percent response rate (350 respondents) representing a snapshot of the student population. Below are some of the insights from this survey.

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Device Use & Ownership

Laptop or Smartphone Ownership Among Students

Smartphone Operating Systems (%)

Laptop Operating Systems (%)

Other Insights

  • 100% of students polled reported owning at least one internet-capable device, while 99% reported having more than one. [2.1]
  • 96% of students used their laptops for most if not all of their academic work [2.3]


Technology & the Elon Experience

Overall Technology Experience

BYOD Encouragement

Resources Students Wish Faculty Would Use More… or Less

Other Insights

  • 68% of students said that most, if not all, of their instructors used technology adequately for course instruction.


Learning Environments

Items Students Would Include on a Résumé

Preferred Types of Learning Environments

Other Insights

  • Although 53% of students would like for instructors to utilize lecture capture, 38% said they’d be more likely to skip face-to-face classes if streamed or recorded lectures are available online. [4.4]
  • 74% of students said they felt prepared to use basic software programs upon entering college [4.4]
  • 79% of students believe that technology will play an important role in their future career [4.7]


Students Personal Computing Environment

Source of Distraction in a Face-to-Face Classroom

Typical Ways Students Use their Laptop in Class

Typical Experiences with Laptops in the Classroom