The people work in the Community Garden, especially the manager and interns, made a commitment to creating an inclusive community that created a beautiful space for others to use. Unfortunately, time at Elon is limited and people move on and plant roots elsewhere. Even though this is true, once you have been in Garden Studio, or taken the time to really appreciate what it has to offer, you never truly leave. This page recognizes current garden employees, as well as those who have worked to make the garden the amazing place it is today.

Founder, Breanna Detwiler ’06

John Hitchcock ’07

Sarah Marcus

Rebecca Berube ’12

Rebecca Berube graduated from Elon in 2012, where she had the opportunity to get her hands dirty as the Elon Community Garden Manager. Watching the garden and the Loy Farm grow, she developed a passion for working the earth in a sustainable way. After graduation, she built and maintained organic vegetable gardens in the backyards and rooftops of Washington, DC as an urban farmer. Currently she serves as a Princeton in Latin America fellow for the Azuero Earth Project in Panama, where she works to raise awareness about environmental issues though collaborative reforestation and organic agriculture plots.

Sudie Brown ’13

After graduation, Sudie worked as a scribe for a Cardiologist for half a year then traveled to Chile using my El Centro ticket. She stayed in Chile for three months, taking classes, living with a host family, volunteering in a women’s prison, and traveling all over the country. She went south to Patagonia, north to the desert, and several places in between where she hiked, sand boarded, and ice picked up volcanoes.  After her trip, Sudie moved to Washington, D.C. where she is currently residing. Sudie works at two farmers’ markets, bar-tends at a locally sourced market/restaurant, and is doing an internship at a non-profit that works on family planning issues both nationally and internationally. In her free time, she enjoys going on long bike rides, rollerblading, watching documentaries, and working on her vegetable garden.

Brett Evans ’13

Andrea Schultz ’14

Allison Hren ’15

Allison earned an Environmental Studies B.S. at Elon. From Cary, North Carolina, Allison first became interested in farming in gardening her sophomore year, by taking Dr. Strickland’s Garden Studio class. There, she fell in love with gardening and hasn’t stopped yet! Besides Elon, she worked on two non-profit gardens in the local area.

Robyn Lane ’20

Robyn is the current manager of the Elon Community Garden and Loy Farm. Originally from outside of Philadelphia, she earned degrees in psychology and public health studies. Although the garden studio class was her first experience with gardening and farming techniques, she fell in love and decided to continue her work at Loy Farm and the community garden.