Garden Courses

A college student, especially a busy, engaged one like Elon specializes in, seems to find themselves indoors a lot more than outdoors. By taking Garden Studio or becoming an intern, you have a chance to spend at least a few hours a week puttering around in a beautiful garden, making new friends and learning new skills. Spending time outdoors is seem to lower stress levels at all ages, and every Elon student could benefit from this! Consider taking Garden Studio next semester! You won’t regret it!

Garden Internships

Every semester (and especially summer!) there are internship opportunities at the garden and the farm. Depending on the number of hours students sign up for (40 hours per credit hour), they will be working closely with professor Strickland and the Student Garden Manager. Depending on the season, students will be prepping plants for the upcoming season, participating in basic garden maintenance and assisting with the Garden Studio class, when applicable. Internships are a great way to get to know the garden and the people who work in it, and they are especially helpful if you want to play a bigger role in the garden in the upcoming semesters.

Garden Club

The Community Garden excited to announce that the Elon gardening club will be coming soon! The club will encompass all aspects of the Elon Community garden including planting, planning, garden info sessions and will even feature plants of the week.

The Garden Club is looking for students interested in learning more about sustainability and the benefits of the community garden.

Membership is open to former garden studio class members, but not exclusively. No previous experience is necessary, just garden enthusiasts! Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a campus-wide interest and awareness of gardening and the relationship between people and their food.

If interested, contact Professor Michael Strickland.