Asian & Pacific Islander Community at Elon

The CREDE aims to provide services and programs that support the collegiate experience of Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander-identified (API) students, while also providing opportunities for engagement and education to the rest of the University community on the culture, identities, and experiences of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the United States and abroad. Throughout the year we will offer a variety of programs that range in focus from social to educational and highlight the API diverse communities. Contact George Dou for more information (

Asian American Affinity Cohort (A3C)

The Asian American Affinity Cohort (A3C) is a 6-week program for primarily first-year and transfer Asian American-identifying students to build connections and the skills to be successful during their journey at Elon and beyond graduation. Students will have the opportunity to find mentors, learn from older Elon students, participate in off-campus cultural excursions and more. To learn about the program and how to participate, click here. 

Food For Thought

Food For Thought is a monthly gathering in the CREDE where we will hold informal discussions around a variety of topics that affect Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander students; both here on campus and in the larger society. The town halls are a safe space to learn from one another and will help foster a system of support and skills that will help you traverse your time at Elon University and in life beyond.

Community Connections

Community Connections (CC) is a program to help connect API students who want to meet others with the same cultural and/or ethnic backgrounds. For example, a Japanese student may be interested in meeting other Japanese students or an Asian student who is an adoptee wants to meet other adoptees. CC gatherings are informal meet-ups that are held over lunch or coffee, depending on the group’s preference. The CREDE can provide support for students who want to attend but do not have a meal plan. Students interested in participating should fill out this form.

Asian-Pacific Student Association (APSA)

APSA aims to provide a space for Elon students who identify as Asian, Asian-American, or Pacific Islander, as well as for Elon students who are interested in learning about different Asian and Pacific cultures. To learn more, visit their PhoenixConnect page.

Asian Studies at Elon University

The Asian Studies minor at Elon offers students an interdisciplinary program to study the art, history, geography, religion, languages, philosophy, politics, economics, and societies of this vast, diverse continent. Students also acquire a comparative context for their understanding of Asia’s relations with the US and other parts of the world. Asian Studies aims to provide students with a depth of knowledge and multiple critical perspectives to understand how these diverse locales have been and continue to be interwoven with the global.

S.M.A.R.T Mentor Program

The Student Mentors Advising Rising Talent program is designed to ease the transition from high school to college, both academically and socially, for first-year and transfer students.  The SMART Program centers on the experiences of the ALANAM community through a Community Cultural Wealth Model. First-year students learn from upper-level classmates who are trained to provide guidance and support to make Elon University a more welcoming environment.  See more information about the SMART program.