Intercultural Learning Certificate Program

The Intercultural Learning Certificate Program is a new program in the CREDE. This certificate program offers an experiential deep dive into issues of social justice, inclusion, equity, and diversity through an intentional structure of an orientation session, academic coursework, co-curricular engagement, experiential learning project, capstone and a digital portfolio capturing your collective experiences.  Students are a part of a cohort and have the opportunity to take classes, attend programs/events, engage in reflective writing, meet 1:1 with CREDE staff members, complete an Academic Service Learning course or ELR workbook and attend a retreat. It is intended for full-time undergraduate students. We use the Intercultural Development Inventory to track and measure a participants’ progress through intercultural competence journey. This certificate program is currently open to first year, second year and third year students as it takes, at a minimum, 2 semesters to complete but no more than 4 semesters to complete. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Tyrone Jean, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the CREDE (

Workshops, Seminars & Consulting

The CREDE offers a series of in-depth facilitated workshops for students designed to examine the many different perspectives that exist in our community and to increase communication about difficult issues to interact more effectively.

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The CREDE offers funding options to student groups and organizations for programming related to race, ethnicity, identity, and social justice.

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DEEP is the CREDE’s signature program for social justice. We provide spaces for the Elon community to learn about, reflect on, and apply concepts of social justice with a foundation in racial equity.

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Intersect: Diversity & Leadership Conference

Intersect educates students, faculty, and professional staff on topics of diversity and leadership. In previous years, these topics were explored through two independent conferences: the Diversity Leadership Conference and the Leadership Development Institute.

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