Latinx/Hispanic Community at Elon

The CREDE aims to provide services and programs that support the collegiate experience of Latinx/Hispanic students while sharing and educating the rest of the community on the culture of the Latinx/Hispanic population in the United States and abroad. The CREDE and El Centro seek to meet the needs of our ever-changing student population through advising, outreach, referrals, and collaborative initiatives. We offer a variety of programs that range in focus. Whether it is simply a social, an educational or a cultural program, or a professional networking event, our vibrant mix of programs is aimed to unite, strengthen, and celebrate Elon’s Latinx/Hispanic community. Contact MJ Larrazabal for more information (

Some of the programs/services for Hispanic/Latino students include:

El Centro

El Centro has gone beyond the teaching of Spanish and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. The activities are structured to accommodate the interests of students, faculty, and staff. El Centro’s inter-generational conversational groups have knitted the campus together in unexpected ways. There is also a unique international aspect of El Centro that goes beyond just the language. El Centro’s relaxed and laid back environment has evolved into a meaningful space where Latinx/Hispanic students meet, hang out, and share their experiences with those interested in learning about the language and the culture.

Café con Leche Conversations

This is an open monthly gathering of Latinx/Hispanic students to meet each other and discuss informally what college life at Elon is like for them. This forum is a safe space to learn from each other and help create a system at Elon that not only will support you while you are here, but will also provide the tools you need to succeed at Elon and beyond.

Social Gatherings

Latinx/Hispanic students plan different events throughout the year. Whether it is hiking, rock climbing, dancing, watching a movie, or just hanging out, these events provide an enjoyable atmosphere conducive to positive social interaction.

Latinx/Hispanic Union (LHU)

The mission of LHU is to create unity in our Latinx/Hispanic community and promote diversity at Elon University. We will advocate on issues that impact our lives as Latinx/Hispanic individuals. We will promote and create community involvement opportunities in Alamance county to empower our people. Our goal is to be the voice for our community at Elon University and be a place where Latinx/Hispanic students can feel that they belong.

S.M.A.R.T Mentor Program

The Student Mentors Advising Rising Talent program is designed to ease the transition from high school to college, both academically and socially, for first-year students.  The SMART Program centers the experiences of the ALANAM community through a Community Cultural Wealth Model. First-year students learn from upper level classmates who are trained to provide guidance and support to make Elon University a more welcoming environment. See more information about the SMART program.