Hall and former Directors of Leadership co-author an article in Journal of Experiential Education

Eric Hall, associate professor of exercise science, and Angela Passarelli and Mallory Anderson, former directors of leadership, recently co-authored a research article in a special issue of the Journal of Experiential Education.

The special issue is about youth development through outdoor and adventure education programs. The article, titled “A Strengths-Based Approach to Outdoor and Adventure Education: Possibilities for Personal Growth,” is based on experiences co-teaching a short-term study abroad course and utilizing a strengths education program to help students achieve personal growth.

Angela Passarelli is currently a doctoral candidate at Case Western Reserve University and Mallory Anderson is a doctoral student at the University of Georgia. The article can be found in Volume 33, Issue 2, pages 120-135 in the most recent issue of Journal of Experiential Education.

Abstract of article

Outdoor and adventure education has been shown to result in positive psychological outcomes. This paper connects positive psychology—specifically, strengths-based education—to important outcomes in outdoor and adventure education. Strengths-based education encourages participants to intentionally use their talents to achieve success in the environment in which they are placed. In this paper, we explain why, when, and how to use a strengths-based approach in outdoor and adventure education. An illustrative example of a strengths-based approach to an international adventure education course will be discussed. Quantitative and qualitative data demonstrate that this strengths-based educational program was effective in helping students achieve positive outcomes related to personal growth. This paper will conclude by offering directions for practice and future research.