Exercise Science student wins research award at regional conference

Eleven Exercise Science majors and seven faculty from the Department of Exercise Science attended the 39th Annual Southeast American College of Sports Medicine meeting in Greenville, S.C., over the first weekend of February.

Rachel Perron with her mentor, associate professor Eric Hall

 Six students presented their research at this conference. Three of the students (Stu Batten, Krysten Malcolm, and Rachel Perron) were among eight finalists for the student research award in the undergraduate category.

At the awards banquet on Saturday, Perron was awarded second place in the student research award and received a cash prize.

The following presentations were made;

Stu Batten – “The influence of carbohydrate-electrolyte solution ingestion on exercise performance in a warm environment.” Mentors: Steve Bailey & Paul Miller; Co-authors: Eric Hall and Wally Bixby.

Drew Gardner – “The influence of concussion history on cognitive performance in college athletes.” Mentor: Eric Hall; Co-authors David Lawton ’10; Wally Bixby, Paul Miller, Steve Folger and Ken Barnes.

Courtney Graham – “Does exergaming achieve the same levels of fitness intensity as mentor-based physical activity?” Mentor: Eric Hall; Co-authors: Rachel Perron, Jamie Feldman ’10, and professor Liz Bailey.

Jordan Lee – “The effects of acute overspeed warm-up on sprint performance in collegiate athletes” Mentor: Wally Bixby; Co-authors: Paul Miller and Eric Hall

Krysten Malcolm – “Core muscle activation and the kinetics of a passé balance.” Mentor: Caroline Ketcham

Rachel Perron – “Exergaming in adults: Can appropriate intensity levels be achieved for health benefits.” Mentor: Eric Hall; Co-authors: Courtney Graham, Paul Miller and Wally Bixby.

All presentations except for the work by Graham were results of work the students completed during the 2010 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience.