Communications faculty participate in BEA conference

  Faculty served as moderators and panelists at the annual professional gathering.  

From left, associate professor Vic Costello, lecturer Staci Saltz and associate dean Don Grady showcase their Award of Excellence at the BEA conference.

Faculty members in the School of Communications participated in the annual April 6-10 in Las Vegas. Read the list below for more information about their involvement:

  • Associate professor Tom Nelson moderated a panel titled “The Role of Liberal Arts in Social Media Pedagogy” made up entirely of Communications faculty members, including assistant professor Derek Lackaff, assistant professor Julie Lellis and lecturer Staci Saltz. The panel’s description: “Social Media pedagogy in a university setting demands more than skills training. It also demands philosophical pause grounded in the liberal arts. Teachers must take time to draw attention to social media as not just a tool but also as an extension of the human spirit in the same way that poetry is not just words and music not just sounds but rather affirmations of the human spirit.
    This panel presentation focusing on the synthesis of Social Media with the Self is intended to raise the intellectual bar on social media pedagogy beyond simple skill set instruction.”
  • Associate professor Vic Costello served as a panelist on “Offering Multimedia Storytelling Across Multiple Contexts: Advice from Administrators and Instructors.”
  • Assistant professor Gerald Gibson served as a panelist on “Real World Right Now: Implementing a Multimedia Collaborative News Service.”
  • Associate Dean Don Grady served as a panelist during the BEA Assessment Boot Camp, which was “geared to faculty and administrators who are interested in both course and programmatic assessment.”
  • Associate professor Rich Landesberg moderated a panel discussion titled “What just happened? Ex-presidents, pundits, pollsters and preachers in 2012 election.”
  • Costello, Grady and Saltz received their Award of Excellence in the Promotional Video category for their documentary “Elon Academy: Preparation, Opportunity, Success.” The 16-minute film shares the history and purpose of Elon University’s college access and success program for Alamance County high school students.
  • Associate Provost and Communications professor Connie Book coordinated the Faculty & Student Research-in-Progress Poster Session. Grady then served as a respondent for “Young Researchers on Fire: Student Research-in-Progress.”

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