Semester Study Abroad participation increases

Study Abroad participation rates rose 13 percent for the fall of 2013 as compared with the fall of 2012.

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Participation by Elon students in fall semester study abroad programs has increased by more than 13 percent compared to fall semester last year, according to the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center.

Last fall, 299 students spent the semester abroad. This fall, that number rose to 339. Twenty-six programs experienced a growth in enrollment from last year, and some experienced a dramatic rise in student participation.  

Elon students are spending their semesters in 24 countries this fall, including Argentina, Singapore, Ghana, New Zealand, Jordan and Germany.

A key piece of the Elon Commitment is providing 100 percent access to global study. Semester length programs are typically more cost-effective than winter term courses. For many students, longer and more immersive programs provide the largest returns on their investment.

Semester At Sea experienced the largest increase in enrollment. A total of 21 students are participating this fall, compared with 15 last fall. Semester at Sea stands out as a remarkable opportunity for students to take a comparative look at global issues. The Semester at Sea voyage commemorates the 50th anniversary of the program, with ports of call in Russia, Portugal, Morocco, Ghana and Cuba standing out amongst the 15 countries students will explore before disembarking in December.

The International Business & Culture program in Seville, Spain, doubled its enrollment this semester. The goal of the program is to introduce students to the business climate and language of Spain. Students in the program are housed by host families and take courses in Spanish language, business, and the liberal arts.

Several students are studying in Shanghai, China. Students on the Shanghai program have the option to participate in an internship experience in areas such as international business, non-profit organizations and consular work. Program enrollment is up by five students from last year.

Although the numbers are not finalized yet, the Global Education Center also anticipates growth in spring semester participation next year. The final application deadline for all spring semester programs is Sept. 17.