Global Neighborhood holds opening ceremony

President Leo M. Lambert joined with faculty and Residence Life staff on Tuesday evening to set the tone and hopes for student life in the university’s newest residential complex.

President Leo M. Lambert charged residents of the Global Neighborhood to deeply engage in the life of their residential complex and to step outside their comfort zones.
A ceremony to symbolically open the school year for residents of Elon University’s Global Neighborhood took place Tuesday evening with student musical performances and a charge by Elon University President Leo M. Lambert.

The inaugural event in McCoy Commons in the Oaks residential complex offered enough space for residents of the first two buildings to attend. Once the neighborhood is complete next fall with an additional three residence halls, a central commons building will be able to accommodate the full neighborhood population of more than 600 students.

The event was run by Rei Haycraft, the assistant director of Residence Life for the Global Neighborhood, and Assistant Professor Amy Allocco, the neighborhood’s Teacher-Scholar-in-Residence.

Students from the La Casa Italiana sang and played Italian songs on guitars. Elon University senior Toorialey Fazly read and discussed a poem by a Middle Eastern poet, while two students explained the significance of the names of the houses in neighborhood, named after the Zambezi and Tigris Rivers.

In his charge, Lambert encouraged residents to deeply engage in the life of the neighborhood, to set the bar high for what it means to live there, and to step outside their comfort zones to expand their understanding of different groups and cultures.

The first two buildings of the Global Neighborhood, Elon University's newest residential complex, opened for the first time this fall. Another three residence halls and a commons building are scheduled to open next summer.
“This is a historic day at Elon University as we take a major step forward in our efforts to strengthen global engagement and create a premier living and learning experience on our campus,” he said. “Your task as residents of the Global Neighborhood is to actively and intentionally work to develop your global knowledge and awareness on a regular basis, to integrate new experiences and information into your expanding global competencies, and to challenge your understanding of yourself, the world, and your place on a planet of 7 billion people.”

The evening included students pledging the Global Neighborhood Oath:

As a member of the Global Neighborhood, I will strive to become a global citizen:

·      Seeking to identify and engage with my campus, local and global communities,

·      Reflecting on the impact of my actions in these communities,

·      Respecting and appreciating cultures and experiences different from my own, and

·      Working to promote the common good.

I commit to:

·      Making the most of this opportunity to develop my global perspective, in concert with my own personal development and understanding of the communities around me, and

·      Investing my time and energy as a proud member of the Global Neighborhood.