Professor addresses use of social media following on-air shooting

Time Warner Cable News interviewed Jonathan Albright about Vester Lee Flanagan’s actions on Facebook and Twitter following his Aug. 26, 2015, murder of two Virginia television journalists. 

Jonathan Albright speaks with Time Warner Cable News about how social media was used following the on-air murder of two Virginia journalists. 
​Jonathan Albright, a faculty member in the School of Communications, spoke with Time Warner Cable News for an Aug. 27, 2015, segment titled “Shooter Of Virginia TV Journalists Uses Social Media to Post Murder.”

The North Carolina statewide news channel interviewed Albright and High Point University Assistant Professor Dean Smith about Vester Lee Flanagan’s use of social media platforms in the hours following his on-air murder of Virginia journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward on Aug. 26.

According to Albright, Flanagan likely posted videos of the shooting to gain control of the story and to hold a sense of power over its delivery.

​“People use these platforms in multiple ways, but it’s not outside the realm of someone who wants to commit a pre-meditated murder to use these platforms to distribute their agenda,” said Albright in the Time Warner interview.