School of Communications Internship Prep Seminars to begin soon

The School of Communications Internship Office will present two internship readiness seminars for first academic interns.

Two seminars, “Professesional Practices for A Successful Internship” and “Winning ePortfolios,” will be offered to first academic interns in the School of Communications beginning Friday, March 10.

All students who are planning their first COM academic internship are required to attend the two internship prep seminars (exception: Elon in L.A. participants). Seminars will be for summer and fall internships, and held again in April and May. School of Communications students should also attend if they will be studying abroad in the fall and planning a winter or spring internship. Seminars will be held again in the fall for winter and spring internships.

You don’t need a secured internship to participate, and you can sign up for the internship prep seminars from the internship webpage: If you have questions, please email