Elon students and faculty shared projects on April 26 at the Maker Takeover in Moseley Center.


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Elon Makers takeover Moseley

Elon students and faculty shared projects on April 26 at the Maker Takeover in Moseley Center.  

By Emmy Cone-Parnes ’18​

On April 26, Elon students and faculty showcased their projects with hands-on demos at the Maker Takeover. The event took place in Moseley Student Center, where students and faculty were invited to check out invention prototypes and ask questions about the projects on display.

Watch ELN Morning: The Maker Hub takes over Moseley for an inside look at the event.

The event featured Elon students Kickbox projects that included sweat-hiding garments, a high-tech dog collar and a lot more. Sarah Hennenkamp has been working on a 3D printed guitar with LEDs which reacts to sound. Using a small electronic brain called a microcontroller, a microphone and LED lights, Hennenkamp created a guitar that changes colors depending on the notes being played. Check out a video of Hennenkamp’s guitar here.

Elon seniors Andrew Nemnich and Ben King have been working on a smartphone App called dREM, which will prompt lucid dreaming. Nemnich, a ao-creator of dREM: The Affordable Lucid Dreaming Experience Nemnich, said of the project, “We set out to try to create a service that on a consistent basis can usher a lucid dreaming state, where the user is aware that they are asleep and can quite literally do whatever they imagine.”

Elon Sophomore Jocelyn Pietro designs, produces and sells custom jewelry, which can be personalized with text and design by using a stamp. For her Kickbox project, she designed 3D-printed jigs that help align the jewelry with the stamp. The goal of this project was to make her homemade jewelry look more professional.

Pietro said about her invention and the inspiration behind her business, “I started Impressions Jewelry Co. as a way of making a more affordable product for customers. I started playing around with the 3D printing aspect, when my friend (Elon student and Maker Hub staff member William Kakavas) presented the idea to help with the alignment!”

Also on display at the Maker Takeover were projects by Elon faculty and staff. Two Elon professors found inventive ways to incorporate 3D technologies into their projects.

Assistant Professor of Biology Eric Bauer uses a 3D scanner that can convert a physical object into a 3D file, and Associate Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology Rissa Trachman shared examples of how she and her students scanned and 3D printed versions of ancient artifacts.

To learn more about the faculty projects here.

The Maker Takeover was sponsored by the Maker Hub, Elon’s makerspace in Harper Hall. Learn more about Elon Kickbox here.