Elon Music Ambassadors perform at JazzIt International Music Festival in Italy

The performance by the ensemble, consisting of Elon students and alumni, was part of a 10-day tour.

A group of nine Elon students and alumni recently returned from an exraordinary 10-day performance experience in Italy.

Beginning with rehearsals at Accademia Europa di Firenze, these talented musicians, under the direction of Virginia Novine Whittaker, created a dynamic program of Funk, Jazz and Blues. The Elon Music Ambassadors performed on popular outdoor stages in Florence, Italy.

The highlight of the tour was their  peformance on a featured stage at the JazzIt Interational Music festival, which took place in a beautiful, small town in the south of Italy, Montegrosso. The students also attended inpirational performances and presentations by well known artists during the three-day festival event.

Elon Music Ambassadors perform on an outdoor summer stage in Florence, Italy
Elon students and alumni included Rachel Hopkins, Brandon Atwell, Andrew Trautmann, Lauren Fisher, Brandon Mitchell, Tanner Mead, Caitlyn Balkcum, Brian Magna and Rachel Clevenger. The Elon Music Ambassadors were joined by two guest musicians, Zak Garner and Benjamin Howell.