Hook Professor Jen Dabrowski gives talk at SERMACS

A. L. Hook Emerging Professor in Science and Mathematics Jen Dabrowski presented at the 71st annual Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

How do we engage students outside their major discipline to learn chemistry?

This is a persistent challenge since student perceptions of a discipline often impact enrollment and motivation. Recent curriculum changes have led to increases in science course offerings for non-majors, not only to bolster science literacy but also to demonstrate the relevance and impact of science on their everyday lives.

Hook assistant professor Jen Dabrowski recently presented on the pedagogical design of a non-laboratory chemistry course in the Chemical Education session at SERMACS, her talk entitled “Culinary transformations: Translating chemistry for non-majors.” Design of this course was conducted in collaboration with Lecturer Mary McManamy.

In her talk, Dabrowski detailed the design of the “Culinary Transformations” course, connecting food and chemistry utilizing the American Chemical Society’s anchoring concepts and several experiential learning techniques for which Elon is known.