COVID-19 testing portal for students, faculty and staff now open

Using the portal, all students, faculty and staff can order a PCR COVID-19 test collection kit that will allow them to complete the required testing before returning to campus.

Elon students, faculty and staff can now go online to order the collection kit for a PCR COVID-19 test, which must be completed to participate in fall semester.

Elon is requiring COVID-19 testing as part of its efforts to support a safe and healthy academic year on campus. Along with the required testing before the start of the fall semester, the university will conduct random testing throughout the academic year.

Full details about Elon’s required testing for COVID-19 are available at, and the testing portal can be accessed here.

Through the online portal, Elon is providing access to a simple, do-it-yourself nasal swab PCR test designed by LabCorp that can be shipped directly to your home anywhere in the U.S. After the order is placed through the portal, the kit will arrive with clear instructions about how to collect the sample and ship it back to LabCorp. The results will be available on the secure portal within four to six days.

If a student, faculty or staff member tests positive for the COVID-19 infection:

  • Expect a call from a medical provider with health guidance.
  • Expect a call from your local health department with quarantine and tracing guidance.
  • Plan to quarantine at home for up to 14 days from infection.
  • Fill out a short online form at to be assigned an Elon staff member who will confidentially guide you through the quarantine process, help you get to campus as soon and as smoothly as possible, and assist you with making connections and planning for your arrival after isolation.

LabCorp is the university’s recommended testing provider and has the capacity to handle Elon’s volume of tests and the ability to produce reliable and consistent results. Through this process, Elon will be notified when students, faculty or staff have ordered and shipped their tests so that the university can ensure that roughly 9,000 individuals have completed their tests prior to classes beginning.

Students and families will not have to pay upfront for their pre-semester test and instead will be billed $129 in September for the test. The university will be assisting students with insurance to submit for reimbursement of the test cost, and will have a process for students to apply for a fee waiver based upon financial challenges and personal circumstances. Elon is paying for faculty and staff testing.

While LabCorp is the recommended testing provider, Elon will accept PCR test results from other testing providers if students cannot or choose not to use the LabCorp system. FDA-approved PCR test results from other providers must still be collected and submitted within Elon’s prescribed testing window (7-14 days before your arrival on campus). More details about submitting results from other PCR tests are available here.