Student Ambassadors: Griffin Barriss ’21 and Alyssa Meritt ’22 share videos and tips for healthy student living

Two student ambassadors for the Healthy Elon Commitment are sharing their creative videos to keep students safe.

This is the next in a series of posts highlighting the efforts of student ambassadors for the Healthy Elon Commitment, which is part of the university’s Ready & Resilient plan.

Sharing healthy tips and messages with their peers on staying safe during the pandemic, Griffin Barriss ’21 and Alyssa Meritt ’22 created videos shared across social media to give important advice and guidance to fellow Phoenix during the Fall 2020 semester. These student-led efforts contribute to the ongoing Ready & Resilient initiative supporting a safer and healthier campus.

Griffin Barriss ’21

Griffin Barriss ’21 is a senior with majors in both public health studies and international & global studies and minors in political science and peace & conflict studies.  As a two-time study abroad participant in India and Copenhagen, his campus leadership includes being a Lumen Scholar, Honors Fellow, and Global Ambassador, plus involvement with Elon’s Public Health Society, Model UN, Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Coed Fraternity.

Check out Griffin’s catchy video where he walks across our beautiful campus to highlight how he keeps himself safe through mask-wearing, hand-washing, and physical distancing.  There’s even a cameo of ducks in Lake Mary Nell! Included in Griffin’s important advice in this video:

  • “Studies have shown that if everybody were to wear a mask, it would be more effective than going into total lockdown.  When in doubt, wear it out, all across campus and especially indoors.”
  • “20-second tip: In your personal bathroom, use a washable dry-erase marker to write down the lyrics to some songs where the chorus is 20 seconds long.”
  • “Coronavirus is inherently a social disease and only thrives because people are closely interacting with each other.”
  • “COVID-19 is serious and scary but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless to stop the spread. Be smart, be safe, and let’s take on this virus together.”
Alyssa Meritt ’22

Alyssa Meritt ’22 is a junior with majors in Public Health Studies and Music in the Liberal Arts.  Her campus leadership includes being an Honors Fellow, undergraduate research on ischemic heart disease in Mongolia, serving as student coordinator within the Center of Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education, and being featured in New Student Orientation’s “I Am Elon” videos on diversity, inclusion, and antiracism.

Check out her video which provides a more personal, one-on-one feel as she shares important advice for students regarding staying healthy during the pandemic.  Included in Alyssa’s important advice in this video:

  • “Your mask is the #1 protection we have against COVID-19. It shows that you care about yourself, your friends, your family, and strangers around you.”
  • “Carry hand sanitizer with you.  Studies have shown that maybe COVID doesn’t spread as easily through surfaces but that doesn’t mean it still can’t.”
  • “Make sure to check in on your friends. Make sure that they know you’re there for them and that they’re there for you.”
  • “We’re going to get through this together.”

Student ambassadors like Griffin and Alyssa are creating videos to share their ideas and practices around staying safe.

Are you a student wanting to create a quick 1-to-2-minute video on ways that you’re staying healthy during the pandemic?  If so, email Matthew Antonio Bosch via so you can become a student ambassador and have your voice and advice be heard.