iMedia connects: Catching up with Marquita Brown G’17

The Elon University alumna recalls her decision to study in the Interactive Media program and how it led her down an unexpected, yet ideal, career path.

By Marquita Brown G’17

Where has your iMedia journey taken you?

Marquita Brown G’17

In my case, the career path I’m on is almost the opposite of what I had planned when I started iMedia, the School of Communications’ Interactive Media master’s program, in 2016. At that time, I was pausing almost a decade of daily newspaper reporting experience in hopes of developing coding and multimedia skills. I planned to leave newspapers behind, but not journalism. While in iMedia, I started to learn about new careers and build skills I had never explored. The biggest surprise for me came in the second semester when I took Dan Haygood’s brand management class. It was probably my favorite class of the program even though, at least initially, I felt that marketing was the antithesis of everything I valued in journalism.

Fast forward to 2020, just three years after my iMedia cohort crossed the stage at graduation. I’m a managing editor at a content marketing agency in Washington, D.C. I can say with confidence that I would not have been prepared for this job without iMedia.

That’s my story. We would love for you to share yours.

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For me, after the program ended and my cohort sprawled across the country, it became more difficult to keep in touch. Sure, there’s always the occasional social media post, but I often wonder about classmates and what they’re up to now. This is particularly true given the isolation (among other things) of the pandemic.

Help us take the guesswork out of the questions, “What are iMedia alumni up to?” and “What’s up with the program?”

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