New book authored by Hal Vincent offers guidance and resources for strategic communications campaigns

The lecturer in strategic communications and faculty director of Live Oak Communications joined Pam Mickelson and Bruce Bendinger to publish the second edition of the “Brand Builder Workbook: Tools to Building Winning Campaigns.”

As Hal Vincent explains, Elon’s Strategic Campaigns classes – and similar courses at other institutions – are the culminating course for strategic communications majors. It is the crescendo of four years spent learning how to research, set strategy, craft messages and disseminate campaigns across multiple media platforms.

Hal Vincent

“I call it the ‘bring it all together’ class,” said the lecturer in the Strategic Communications Department. “It is the comprehensive process of working for or with a client from beginning to end to create a PR or strat comm campaign. Oftentimes, campaigns classes at universities are the final class in the major.”

It was with this course in mind that Vincent collaborated with coauthors Pam Mickelson and Bruce Bendinger to publish the second edition of the “Brand Builder Workbook: Tools to Building Winning Campaigns,” a book and accompanying website that provides the guidance, skills and understanding to build businesses and brands.

According to Vincent, while the text’s main purpose is for campaigns classes, it can also serve as a valuable learning tool for student-run agencies like Live Oak, as well as current and aspiring entrepreneurs. “The book is particularly user friendly, containing examples, hands-on worksheets and tools to guide people through the creation of and communications surrounding a brand, company or organization,” he added.

Vincent, who did not participate in the book’s first edition, said he enjoyed working with Mickelson and Bendinger, who he has known through professional organizations and conference settings for some time. Always active, Vincent is the immediate past president of AEJMC Ad Division and serves as the education chair of the AAF Triangle Advertising Federation.

A look at the cover of Vincent’s new book, “Brand Builder Workbook: Tools to Building Winning Campaigns.”

“I really enjoyed collaborating with Pam and Bruce, contributing to a book that addresses the changing and continually evolving communications landscape,” Vincent said. “Pam and I bring a wealth of experience as both teachers of campaigns, as well as teachers of entrepreneurship and student-run agencies. Plus, I have professional experience from my pre-college teaching days, and Bruce – a well-known textbook author and publisher – has an incredible amount of industry experience.”

In fact, the book was produced by Bendinger’s publishing company, the Copy Workshop.

After publishing the book’s class-testing version in last 2019, a completed edition was available last fall and Vincent incorporated the text into his Strategic Campaigns class during Winter Term. Vincent said users of the book will undoubtedly benefit from the text’s accompanying website, with additional instructor and student support.

“It was very natural to write the book and use it, and I think others who teach campaigns classes will find it just as beneficial,” said Vincent, who has been teaching the course since 2009. “At the same time, my coauthors and I believe the book will be a great tool for individuals who don’t have formal marketing or strategic communications backgrounds, and a key resource for any entrepreneur, small business owner or start-up.”