Elon sales students refine skills through participation in National, International Collegiate Sales Competitions

The Elon Sales Team applied professional selling knowledge and skills to real-world sales scenarios during the collegiate competitions.

When sales competitions turned to virtual events this academic year due to the pandemic, Elon Sales Team members demonstrated their ability to adapt while advancing their skills in communication, problem solving and professional sales.

NCSC Competitors
NCSC Competitors Flo Kunz ’21, Jack St. Pierre ‘23, Liam Lindy ’21 and Andreas Thorsén ‘22.

In fall 2020, Brooke Galonek ‘21, Melanie Surman ‘21, David Derosa ‘22 and Juan Rivero ‘21 represented Elon in the International Collegiate Sales Competition (ICSC) hosted by Florida State University. This spring semester, Flo Kunz ‘21, Liam Lindy ‘21, Jack St. Pierre ‘23 and Andreas Thorsén ‘22 competed in Kennesaw State University’s National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC).

Sales team members spent numerous hours preparing for the competitions by studying all aspects of the sales call and role-playing scenarios with their peers and faculty coaches.

“Preparing for and competing at NCSC was the highlight of my experience as an Elon student and it would not have been possible without the support and tenacious drive of my teammates and coaches,” accounting major Kunz shared. “Under the dedicated guidance and leadership of Dr. Talbert, we advanced our sales skills every day and gelled together quickly as teammates. From the 7 a.m. sales drills in the Chandler Family Professional Sales Center suite in Sankey Hall to the late nights spent researching, we formed a dynamic bond that I know will stretch far beyond the halls of Elon.”

The competitions challenged the students to apply the knowledge they’ve learned in the classroom as they are placed in real-world sales scenarios and evaluated by a panel of judges.

In the ICSC, held from Nov. 11-14, students could participate in up to five events, which included role-play, sales management simulation, and speed selling. Participants engaged in real-world complex situations and presented effective solutions. Surman and Galonek earned second place and third place, respectively, in their flight during the role-play challenge.

“ICSC was an incredible learning experience. Brooke and I prepared for weeks with our coaches and were so proud of what we accomplished. We were able to talk to a wealth of different companies about possible job opportunities and learn more about the sales world overall. I placed second in my round, which was very exciting,” said Surman, who is majoring in marketing.

ICSC Competitors
ICSC Competitors Brooke Galonek ’21, David Derosa ’22, Juan Rivero ’21 and Melanie Surman ’21.

From March 5-8, the NCSC, the largest and oldest university sales role-play competition, provided an opportunity for students to enhance their professionalism in preparation for a sales career, as well as meet with employers during a career fair.

“Case competitions are the pinnacle of an experiential education and allow you to contextualize classroom working,” said Lindy, a computer science major who participated in the NCSC. “I am so grateful to Dr. Talbert and the rest of the coaches, along with the LSB and my teammates for supporting my experiential education in sales.”

“The whole team brought their own talents to the table and I believe they’ve rubbed off on all of us through the process,” marketing major St. Pierre added. “I can gladly say that I’m a more skilled professional after this process and look forward to competing in the future.

The Elon Sales Team is supported by the Chandler Family Professional Sales Center, which strives to provide students with challenging yet practical sales opportunities. Elon students are encouraged to connect with peers and professionals throughout the country through the Sales Speaker Series, Sales Meet and Greet, and competitions. Elon has competed in approximately 55 internal, regional, national and international sales competitions since 2010.