Career Moves: Jasmine Simmons G’21 secured her dream job with the help of SPDC

After graduating from the iMedia program, Simmons found a home at the Carolina Panthers.

Jasmine Simmons G’21 graduated from the Interactive Media (iMedia) program and has since continued her growth trajectory through an incredible employment opportunity with the Carolina Panthers as a marketing coordinator. Simmons leverages the skills she gained during her master’s program in her current role. While at Elon, she worked with the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) to prepare for interviews and find a team-oriented workplace culture where she could make a difference with her work.

Simmons recently recounted how she landed her dream job due to working with the SPDC.

What were you trying to accomplish when you met with the Student Professional Development Center, and what specific help did you receive?

I utilized the Student Professional Development Center to get my resume reviewed and to prepare for an interview with the Carolina Panthers. I met with Ross Wade, a career advisor in the School of Communications, who supported me by conducting a mock interview. He provided helpful tips on how to stand out amongst other candidates, highlighted my strengths and discussed key talking points related to the position. Wade’s friendly demeanor helped to foster a collaborative approach to preparing for the application process. This made it easy to communicate and brainstorm ideas to prepare for the interview.

What did you learn from working with the SPDC?

Working with the SPDC taught me how to be confident during interviews. I learned how to highlight my strengths and articulate my professional skillsets.

How did your interest in working for the Carolina Panthers develop?

Growing up, I was a fan of the Carolina Panthers but never thought I would work for them or the NFL. When attending a game, I saw how the team’s energy transformed the entire city. I realized that I wanted to be part of this amazing organization and wondered how I could contribute my skills to the company. The advice I would give to anyone looking to land their “dream job” is to consider the company culture. For me, company culture is the most important aspect of a job.

I have learned through my professional journey that money is not most important component of a job. Rather, it is feeling like you are making a difference in the organization when you go to work every day.

What about the Panthers culture has made an impression on you?

The Panthers culture is one of a kind! They foster a community that encourages staff to communicate their ideas. The company values teamwork, and it’s reflected on and off the football field. Since November 2022, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with other departments, which has given me insight into the organization’s structure.

The company also offers opportunities for employees to participate in various committees. I co-chair our ERG STRIDE, an Employee Resource Group (ERG) that highlights African American employees. The company fosters a culture where diversity, equity and inclusion are celebrated and highlighted. For example, I hosted events with STRIDE as we celebrated Black History Month. I have also been recognized within the organization and asked to participate in speaking engagements that recognize women and diversity in sports.

What specific skillsets were you excited to use in your role?

As a marketing coordinator, I utilize the skills I gained in Elon’s iMedia program to facilitate positive experiences and successful outcomes for the organization. The iMedia program helped me with my interview skills, as I had to interview for my role in the program’s mission project. Getting to interview and develop relationships with leaders in the organizations we worked with was very impactful. I cultivated a relationship with the owner of our mission project’s organization, which has resulted in using her as a reference in job applications.

What have you learned through your professional journey?

I have learned through my professional journey that money is not the most important component of a job. Rather, it is feeling like you are making a difference in the organization when you go to work every day. Learn as much as possible from your job and take things in stride. Once you feel like you have reached your full potential with one employer, see how you can apply the skills you’ve gained to your next professional step. Everything can become a building block to help you reach your next opportunity.

What recommendations would you share with other students about the SPDC?

I encourage current students and alumni to take advantage of the resources available at the SPDC to hone existing professional skill sets and learn new ones to prepare for career readiness and advancement.