Inspiration abounds at Elon in LA Alumni Wisdom Session

Elon alumni shared insights from their broad range of experiences during the session.

Recently, the Elon Los Angeles home at The Preserve was ablaze with excitement and energy for this semester’s first Alumni Wisdom Session.

The wonderful gathering brought together this semester’s Elon in LA program students, Elon alumni based in Los Angeles and the bright minds of the campus-based Odyssey Program. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement as everyone gathered to soak up knowledge from alumni who shared invaluable insights into their professional journeys.

The event was graced by esteemed alumni Stephanie Gerding, Brian Stoddard-Jones, Cameron Wolfslayer, Kendra Chideya, Jordan A. Roman, Jeff Leu, and Azzurra Catucci. Each, in their unique way, served up an evening of great advice, perspective, and wisdom to the current students.

Stephanie Gerding, a stuntwoman and production assistant, emphasized the importance of staying adaptable in a rapidly changing industry. She astutely acknowledged that not everyone’s path is a latter, some people’s journey is more of a circle.

Brian Stoddard-Jones, a seasoned industry professional, shared the traits he looks for when hiring set PAs. He educated students on the importance of not just “what” you are doing, but “who” you are being, saying that he often hires people who are the best and nicest to work with, not necessarily the most skilled or experienced.

Cameron Wolfslayer, a creative powerhouse in the entertainment industry, captivated everyone with her insights into storytelling and talent management. She urged students to prioritize their personal well-being and highlighted the importance of a stable work-life balance.

Kendra Chideya, a trailblazer in the acting and social media space, shared her experiences navigating the media landscape and encouraged students to find their unique voice in a crowded market.

Jordan A. Roman, inspired the audience with his passion for filmmaking. He reminded students to continue to feed their passion projects even if their professional work veers in a different direction.

Jeff Leu, a freelance film professional, demonstrated that there are many ways to get started in the film industry and motivated students to start building their networks. Leu told students that sometimes you have to say yes to a job to find out what you don’t like.

Azzurra Catucci, a Netflix event planner, urged students to take advantage of the resources Elon provides to students and advised them to continue nurturing their relationship with Elon students, faculty, and staff.

The evening was not just about professional insights; it was also a celebration of community and the bonds that tie members of the Elon community together. Alumni, students, and faculty mingled and exchanged stories, creating connections that will last a lifetime. The energy was infectious, fueled by the passion and enthusiasm of everyone present.

As the night drew to a close, the students left with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with valuable advice and motivated to embark on their own professional journeys. Last week’s gathering was more than just an event; it was a testament to the spirit of Elon Los Angeles and the collective drive to achieve greatness. Here’s to many more evenings of inspiration, collaboration, and celebration at The Preserve.