Photo of Jack Corby, Executive President

Jack Corby, Executive President

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Major: Policy Studies


Why He Loves SGA: “I love giving back to the Elon community as it has given and taught me so much, and SGA is a perfect avenue to make real change..”

Photo of Chloe Yoon, Executive Vice President

Chloe Yoon, Executive Vice President

Hometown: Westchester, NY

Major: Secondary English Education


Why She Loves SGA: "The passionate people. SGA has shown me how much people care and seek to make change on Elon's campus and to be a part of such a passionate group is something that gives me hope for a better Elon. Better understanding different perspectives and ideas have been extremely insightful and transformative to my own thinking. Working with each other to enhance the student life here goes unseen, yet changes their every day life. "

Photo of Hailey Jurgens, Executive Secretary

Hailey Jurgens, Executive Secretary

Hometown: Riverside, IL

Major: Exercise Science


Why She Loves SGA: “I love SGA because we have the opportunity to address student concerns and create change on campus that directly effects the lives of everyone in the community.”

Photo of Caroline Penfield, Executive Treasurer

Caroline Penfield, Executive Treasurer

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Major: Policy Studies & Political Science


Why She Loves SGA: "I love that SGA has the ability to support students across campus. From organization meetings to major initiatives, we have the chance to help students create their Elon experiences. Getting to know what students are passionate about and connecting them with resources to make positive change on campus has pushed me to have a greater sense of community at Elon."