2022-2023 Executive Council

The Executive Council includes the elected Student Body President, Vice President of Communications, and Vice President of Finance along with the Speaker of the Senate (who is selected by the Senate from among the elected Senators).

Photo of Nadine Jose, Executive President.

Nadine Jose, Executive President

Hometown: Freehold, New Jersey

Major: Cinema & Television Arts, Anthropology

Email: njose@elon.edu

How they serve the Elon University community: The knowledge, insight, and passion of students at Elon deserve to be heard and uplifted. To me, serving the Elon University community means looking at all issues with an intersectional lens, cultivating a culture of trust and transparency between student government, students and administration, and ultimately amplifying student voices in every endeavor. I believe advancing student ideas and opinions is critical to meaningful change for our community.

Photo of William Wood, Vice President of Communications.

William Wood, Vice President of Communications

Hometown: Mountain Brook, Alabama

Major: Policy Studies

Email: wwood7@elon.edu

How they serve the Elon University community: I look to serve by communicating and facilitating dialogue between students, faculty, staff, and administrators. As the Vice President of Communications, I look forward to building new relationships and fostering those in place with other organizations on campus.

Photo of Megan Curling, Vice President of Finance.

Megan Curling, Vice President of Finance

Hometown: Walnut Cove, North Carolina

Major: Journalism

Email: mcurling@elon.edu

How they serve the Elon University community: I strongly believe that the funding SGA is able to provide student organizations is a large part of what creates such an exciting energy on campus. I am so grateful to serve as the point of contact for this process and excited to share more about funding possibilities with students this year!

Photo of Trevor Molin, Speaker of the Senate.

Trevor Molin, Speaker of the Senate

Hometown: Wake Forest, North Carolina

Major: Political Science

Email: tmolin@elon.edu

How they serve the Elon University community: In my 3 years at Elon, I have been lucky enough to learn from a number of wonderful faculty, staff, and fellow students that have helped me grow. Now, as the Speaker of the Senate, I want to pass on the wisdom I was given to those around me and empower them to advocate for the vision of Elon that they have. I hope to become one of those people that can aid in the growth and cultivation of others in the way so many others have for me.

Presidential Cabinet

Cabinet positions may be filled by any student who meets the minimum qualifications (2.7 GPA and in good standing with the University).  They are appointed by the SGA President and confirmed by the Senate.

Chief of Staff: Clara Watkins

Civic Engagement and Service Director: Madeline Mitchener

Community Outreach Director: Jack Sheppard

Diversity Director: Ethan Lane-Blake

Inclusion Director: Jennifer Tran

Wellness and Well-Being Director: Isaias Reyes-Martinez

Student Engagement Director: Grace Clift

Sustainability Director: TBD