2022-2023 SGA Senate

Representatives from each academic class and undergraduate college shall form the voting body of the SGA Senate.  The Senate typically meets 2-3 times a month in Moseley 215.  See the Calendar for more details on the meeting schedule.

Class Senators

Senior Class President: Lily Kays, Elections Committee Chair
Senior Class Treasurer: Jocelyn Taylor
Senior Class Senator: Alexis Alston
Senior Class Senator: Tori Burfield
Senior Class Senator: Grace Clift
Senior Class Senator: Chase Solomon
Senior Class Senator: vacant

Junior Class President: Charlotte Mattimiro
Junior Class Treasurer: Ryan Lockwood
Junior Class Senator: Demetria Hall
Junior Class Senator: Camryn Harris
Junior Class Senator: Heath Foster
Junior Class Senator: Ethan McDermott
Junior Class Senator: Genesis Tolbert

Sophomore Class President: Alexa Morrissey, One Phoenix Committee Chair
Sophomore Class Treasurer: Clare Rudolph
Sophomore Class Senator: Claire Cohen
Sophomore Class Senator: Alexis Cooper
Sophomore Class Senator: Bo Dalrymple
Sophomore Class Senator: Robin Falkow
Sophomore Class Senator: Charlotte McCormick, Outreach Committee Chair

First-Year Class President: Selma Maric
First-Year Class Treasurer: Jack Poulos
First-Year Class Senator: Noah Biggers
First-Year Class Senator: Anya Bratic
First-Year Class Senator: Savannah Ginda
First-Year Class Senator: Lauren Kulda
First-Year Class Senator: Madeline Mitchener
First-Year Class Senator: Lexi Riolo

School Senators

Arts & Sciences: Chase Albritton
Arts & Sciences: Boyd Burruss
Arts & Sciences: Curran Gilster, Academic Relations Committee Chair
Arts & Sciences: Rush Lacoste
Arts & Sciences: Connor Vaughn

Business: Eli Gould
Business: Gwen Hollingsworth
Business: Cavan O’Brien
Business: Alexander Siler

Communications: Bryson Byrnes
Communications: Caroline Mitchell
Communications: Jack Prahinski

Education: Hannah Hanson, Student Inclusive Campus Committee Chair
Education: vacant

Health Sciences: Amanda Jacobson