SGA Documents

All meeting agendas, minutes, bills, resolutions, legislation and voting records are available upon request.

To request any of these documents, please email the Vice President of Communications, Caroline Mitchell (, or contact a member of the Senate.

2020-2024 Legislation

S.B. 20-02.1 Late Night Rides to the Student Body S.B. 20-02.1 Uber
S.B. 20-02.2 NPHC Monuments S.B. 20-02.2 NPHC Monuments
S.B. 20-02.3 Open Educational Resources (OERs) S.B. 20-02.3 Open Educational Resources
S.B. 20-02.4 Reserve Funds for Art and Outdoor Spaces S.B. 20-02.4 Iconic Art and Outdoor Equipment
S.B. 20-09.24 Shipt Memberships for the Student Body S.B. 20-09.24 Shipt Memberships
S.B. 21-03.1 Gender Based Violence Prevention Pilot S.B. 21-03.1 GBV Prevention Pilot
S.B. 21-04.1 Carbon Offsets for Student Activity Fee-Funded Travel S.B. 21-04.1 Carbon Offsets
S.B. 21-04.2 Outdoor Spaces and Student Art Committees S.B. 21-04.2 Outdoor Spaces and Art Committees
S.B. 21-05.1 Menstrual Product Pilot Program Renewal S.B. 21-05.1 Menstrual Product Renewal
S.R. 21-05.1 Reaffirming Stance on HB2 S.R. 21-05.1 Reaffirming Stance on HB2
S.B. 21-05.2 Creation of a Student Art Exhibition in Moseley Center S.B. 21-05.2 Student Art Exhibit in Moseley
S.R. 21-10.1 Support of the Civic Engagement Forum S.R. 21-10.1 Civic Engagement Forum Event
S.B. 22-04.1 Hard Work and Dedication of Former SGA Advisor Dean Jana Lynn Patterson S.B. 22-04.1 Dean P
S.R. 23-02.1 Commemoration of 1923 Fire S.R. 23-2.1 Commemoration of 1923 Fire
S.B. 23-03.1 Creation of Mural by Local Artist S.B. 23-3.1 Allocation for Mural
S.R. 23-11.1 Resolution Following Onset of Israel-Hamas War S.R. 23-11.1 Israel-Hamas War
S.B. 24-02.1 Bus Covering S.B. 24-2.1 Bus Covering
S.B. 24-03.1 Additional Menstrual Product Dispensers S.B. 24-3.1 Menstrual Product Dispensers
S.B. 24-03.2 Reallocation of Fun Fund to micro-Acorn Fund grants S.B. 24-3.2 Reallocating Fun Fund