SGA Senate Committees

Each Senator serves on at least one committee of the Senate.  If you have questions or concerns related to these topics, we encourage you to reach out to the Chair of each committee, one of the individual members, or the Speaker of the Senate, Trevor Molin.

Academic Relations Committee

This committee meets with the Provost and Faculty Academic Council to learn about the University’s academic plans or address academic concerns.  They plan events to enrich students’ academic experiences including the Steven House Academic Opportunities Fair.

Membership: Curran Gilster (chair), Chase Albritton, Anya Bratic, Boyd Burruss, Bryson Byrnes, Eli Gould, Hannah Hanson, Gwen Hollingsworth, Amanda Jacobson, Rush Lacoste, Cavan O’Brien, Jack Prahinski, Alexander Siler, Connor Vaughn

Student Inclusive Campus Committee

This committee is responsible for promoting an inclusive campus for all students. The committee works to initiate, develop, and support diversity, equity, and inclusivity initiatives on campus. Membership comes from SGA members and other students from identity-centric organizations across campus.

Membership: Hannah Hanson (chair), Chase Albritton, Alexis Alston, Noah Biggers, Demetria Hall, Lauren Kulda, Ethan Lane-Blake, Charlotte Mattimiro, Ethan McDermott, Clare Rudolph

Student Outreach Committee

This committee collaborates with students, campus departments, and others to address issues/concerns raised by the student body and implementing initiatives for positive change.

Membership: Charlotte McCormick (chair), Bryson Byrnes, Claire Cohen, Robin Falkow, Heath Foster, Savannah Ginda, Gwen Hollingsworth, Rush Lacoste, Selma Maric, Caroline Mitchell, Alexander Siler, Jocelyn Taylor

One Phoenix Committee

This committee is responsible for the planning and execution of school spirit and community building initiatives. They work collaboratively on University changes to help enhance a sense of community and belonging on campus.  They work with the September 11 Memorial, Trick-or-Treat Moseley, Homecoming Royalty, the President’s Holiday Party, the Dr. Leo Lambert Awards process/celebration, and Administrative Professionals’ Day.

Membership: Alexa Morrissey (chair), Boyd Burruss, Alexis Cooper, Grace Clift, Alexis Cooper, Bo Dalrymple, Camryn Harris, Ryan Lockwood, Madeline Mitchener, Jack Poulos, Lexi Riolo, Chase Solomon, Genesis Tolbert

Elections Committee

The Elections committee includes members of the senior class who are not eligible for the upcoming election cycle.  They review the elections policies, make suggestion for change through the SGA Senate, and manage the election process.

Membership: Lily Kays (chair), Tori Burfield, Jocelyn Taylor

Campus Committees

Elon University values students’ perspectives and welcomes them to sit on a number of University-wide committees.  The SGA President is tasked with appointing students to serve on these committees.  If you would like more information or are interested in serving, we encourage you to reach out to the SGA President.

Academic Standing Committee (2 students)
Academic Support and Advising Committee (2)
Athletics (1)
Core Curriculum Council (2)
Disabilities Advisory Committee (3)
Environmental Advisory Council (2)
Global Education Curriculum Committee (2)
Grade Appeal Hearing Committee (1)
Honor Board (6)
Library Committee (2)
(new) Mental Health Advisory Panel (TBD)
Religious and Spiritual Life Committee (4)
Residential Campus Advisory Committee (1)
Student Life Committee (4 and SGA President)
Student Media Board (3)
Traditions Council (2)
University Appeal Board (1 SGA Exec)
University Calendar Committee (1)