The Office of Student Conduct maintains all student conduct files (paper and electronic formats) for matters involving student code of conduct violations in accordance with the Records, Retention and Reporting Policy.  Files are maintained separately from academic transcripts but are considered educational records subject to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Office of Student Conduct may disclose information related to student conduct records to Elon University officials with legitimate educational interests without prior consent from students.  All student conduct files are maintained as required by law and/or university policy (generally a minimum retention of seven years from the date of the incident).

Request Student Conduct Record Disclosure

To request a release of disciplinary history/student conduct record (for use in transferring, graduate school application, bar exam, etc.), complete the Disclosure of Student Conduct Records Request form.

Please allow up to ten (10) days to process the request.

Students wishing to view their conduct files should contact the Office of Student Conduct at to specify the information they are requesting to review. Federal law requires that the requested information be made available for review although, in accordance with FERPA certain information related to other students may be redacted. The University also may be required to disclose student code of conduct files when required by lawful court order or subpoena, regardless of University policy on retention or reporting.