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15th Annual Elon Teaching and Learning Conference Call for Proposals

We are pleased to announce the 15th Annual Elon Teaching and Learning Conference is now open for proposal submissions

We are pleased to announce the 15th Annual Elon Teaching and Learning Conference is now open for proposal submissions. Plan to join us on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018 in the School of Communications, for the conference, jointly sponsored by Elon’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) and Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT).

This year’s conference theme is "Busting the Myths of Teaching and Learning." In interactive sessions and pedagogy presentations, attendees will challenge myths, misconceptions and hidden assumptions related to teaching and learning, and explore the evidence-based research that debunks them. We will also reflect on how these ideas have influenced both our practice, our discipline, and our students.

We invite proposals for three session types:

  • 70-minute interactive workshops
  • 30-minute presentations highlighting an innovative pedagogical strategy and evidence of its impact
  • Interactive posters to be presented in a special session

Proposal reviews will focus on the following criteria:

  • How well does the proposal relate to the conference theme?
  • What makes it distinctive?
  • To what degree does the proposal incorporate evidence?
    • For example, does it build on existing literature, include data, an analysis of student work or engagement or some other type of evidence?
  • How broadly might it apply or appeal to faculty across disciplines or fields?
  • What are the learning objectives for the session participants? Does the outline suggest it will effectively meet those objectives?
  • For workshops: how does the workshop build in active participation? (e.g., learning exercises, guided discussion and so forth).

Registration for the conference will open in mid-April, and you’ll find more news and updates on the conference website, CATL and TLT’s social media and E-Net. Attendance costs will be covered by the conference hosts. To submit a proposal, and for more information on the call for proposals, please visit the proposals page on our website.

For more information on the conference, please visit the conference website, or email catl@elon.edu.


Chris Sulva,
3/27/2018 8:55 AM