Theatre Studies

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A major in Theatre Studies (A.B. degree) requires the following courses:

THE 101 Introduction to Theatre 4 sh
THE 115 B.A. Acting I 4 sh
THE 210 Technical Production in Theatre 4 sh
THE 215 B.A. Acting II 4 sh
THE 301 Theatre History and Literature I 4 sh
THE 302 Theatre History and Literature II 4 sh
THE 495          Senior Seminar 4 sh
  Any 300-400 level design course 4 sh
16 semester hours (at least eight semester hours at the 300-400 level) selected from the following: 
  • Electives in THE courses
  • Any course in ENG or foreign language with a focus on dramatic literature

16 sh            

  TOTAL:48 sh

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