Music Theatre

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A major in Music Theatre requires the following courses:

MTE 301 History of Music Theatre 4 sh
MTE 302 Music Theatre Literature 4 sh
MTE 321 Performance in Music Theatre 44 sh
MTE 495 Senior Seminar 4 sh
MUS 111 Materials of Music I 3 sh
MUS 113 Aural Skills I 1 sh
MUS 154 Piano Class 1 sh
THE 120 Acting I 4 sh
THE 220 Acting II 4 sh
THE 221 Acting III 4 sh
DAN 150 Dance for the Musical Stage I 1 sh
DAN 250 Dance for the Musical Stage II 1 sh
DAN 350 Dance for the Musical Stage III 1 sh
DAN 450 Dance for the Musical Stage IV 1sh
  In addition, each major must also complete the following:  
  a) six semesters of private voice at appropriate level 12 sh
b) four semesters of studio technique courses in dance
with a minimum of one credit in each of the following:
ballet, jazz, modern and tap
6 sh
c) electives selected from music theatre, theatre arts,
dance or music
14 sh
  d) one semester of singing in an ensemble 1 sh
 TOTAL68 sh

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