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Music Theatre

2013-14 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A major in Music Theatre requires the following courses:

MTE 301 History of Music Theatre4 sh
MTE 302 Music Theatre Literature4 sh
MTE 321 Performance in Music Theatre4 sh
MTE 495 Senior Seminar4 sh
MUS 111 Materials of Music I3 sh
MUS 113 Aural Skills I1 sh
MUS 154 Piano Class1 sh
THE 120 Acting I4 sh
THE 220 Acting II4 sh
THE 221 Acting III4 sh
DAN 150 Dance for the Musical Stage I1 sh
DAN 250 Dance for the Musical Stage II1 sh
DAN 350 Dance for the Musical Stage III1 sh
DAN 450 Dance for the Musical Stage IV1 sh
   In addition, each major must complete the following:  
    (a) six semesters of private voice at appropriate level12 sh
    (b) six semesters of studio technique courses in dance with a minimum of one credit in each of the following: ballet, jazz, modern and tap6 sh
    (c) electives chosen from music theatre, theatre arts, dance or music14 sh
    (d) one semester hour of singing in an ensemble1 sh
   TOTAL68 sh

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